SOPREMA chooses Tervene

Last February, SOPREMA decided to call upon Tervene’s expertise to implement it’s Daily Management System (DMS) Software, supported by it’s well-proven coaching program.

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SOPREMA, waterproofing since 1908

SOPREMA is an internationally recognised manufacturing company specialising in the production of innovative waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sector. Founded in 1908 in Strasbourg, France, the independent family group now operates in over 90 countries and employs more than 7300 people around the world.

Michel Plante, Operations Director at SOPREMA, explains the factors that led to their decision to implement Tervene.

The challenge

Strong growth

“We are experiencing a significant growth on our production lines compounded with a growing employee turnover over the last few years. Concomitantly, we’ve also raised our expectations for productivity, quality, health and safety, etc. Consequently, the tasks and expectations from our managers grew accordingly within the last 24 months.”

Why Tervene?

“We seek to structure our managers’ approach so that they orient their work towards the tasks that impact the machines efficiency. We want to enable them to easily exchange information with the other stakeholders, as well as participate in continuous improvement efforts.”

By the means of a short coaching program, coupled with a Daily Management Software, Tervene’s team will support SOPREMA in their efforts to implement proactive Gemba Walks and a strong communication structure.

The objective

“We want to increase our production lines OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by 10% over the next 18 months.”

According to him, SOPREMA’s clients will also see a positive impact from the project, thanks to “a better manufacturing cost control and a better quality control. As well as a better trained, better empowered staff and a more stable workforce.”

A word from Martin, lead project manager at Tervene

“Not only will we improve SOPREMA’s OEE, but we will also structure and improve communications, which will significantly reduce the number of emails sent within the organization. There will also be a significant impact resulting from better defined roles and responsibilities within the company.”

About Tervene

Tervene is a cross-platform solution assisting supervisors in their operation management. The solution offers a wide range of modules such as the gemba walk tool, the continuous improvement management tool, the meeting management tool as well as a centralized task manager.

The company’s mission is to facilitate the adoption and retention of management best-practices such as gemba walks, enabling the proactive identification of potential issues. These issues are then systematically compiled as improvement opportunities for the organization. Tervene’s cloud solution offers an unprecedented visibility over the supervisors’ gemba walks, production issues, improvement action plans, meetings as well as audits.

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