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Tervene announces a new senior consultant

Tervene is proud to welcome Thierry Crête to its management team as senior consultant, continuing its expansion in the first quarter of 2018.

Thierry’s addition to the team reinforces Tervene’s position as a leader in implementing the DMS (Daily Management System), thanks to his innovative approach, training program and ecosystem of world-caliber management tools for continuous improvement.

Thierry has over 20 years of experience in the process improvement, as senior manager of operational excellence at The Createch Group, as a supply chain and logistics manager for Loblaws and KPMG and as an efficiency director at Belron Canada. An industrial engineer by training and a graduate of Montreal’s École Polytechnique, his career in small, medium-sized and large businesses has given him the advantage of having worked “on the floor” with a concrete vision of the reality of operations managers.

“Tervene offers game-changing technology. Most companies make only limited progress in creating a culture of continuous improvement. By fundamentally modifying managers’ behaviour with their teams, we offer them the possibility of involving those teams, of getting them to play a more active part. This process frees up the general managers, leaving them more room to align their operational vision and achieve their goals. In this way, Tervene becomes a critical enabler for companies,” says Thierry.

“Interacting better to perform better: what CEO could pass up an advantage like that? Tervene simplifies the implementation process, while remaining connected with the client to help the business and its teams evolve. Tervene impressed me right away. Young, dynamic and talented, its team members have the ability to use the view of the client and the market to quickly develop results-oriented solutions, all in real time. They’re unique, bright, sharp and they deliver. There was instant chemistry, especially after witnessing Tervene’s impact on our clients. To succeed in demonstrating concrete results and bring in performance improvements this fast: now that’s impressive.”

Thierry sees the Tervene adventure as a return to his roots and a natural fit: “After a career as operations consultant in businesses like The Createch Group and KPMG and as an efficiency manager at Belron, I needed to get back to consulting. Tervene relit the flame in me.”

As Tervene president and cofounder Lucas Grenier explains, “Given Tervene’s rapid growth on the Canadian and international markets, it’s crucial for us to recruit experienced people who can immediately grasp how to create maximum value for our clients. The connection with Thierry was instant. His experience and his knowledge of operations management and project management were just what Tervene needed to accomplish our vision and sustain our growth. Thierry’s addition to our management team is just another way we’re disrupting the traditional consultation model in operational excellence. He’s part of a rapid transition in demand, one centred on the adoption of computerized management tools that, for any organization, hold out the promise of lasting gains.”

About Tervene
Tervene is the leader in the Daily Management System (DMS), which offers supervisors a complete tool on iPad for greater control over the operations they oversee. It’s all made possible with management tools such as Gemba walks, audits, improvement management, meetings and a centralized task manager. Tervene also gives management complete visibility, in real time, over the quality of operations control of its management teams.

Tervene facilitates the achievement of strategic business objectives by encouraging good behaviour in management teams. For more information, visit www.tervene.com.

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