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Continuous improvement with Tervene

An approach based on the Control of Operations

Tervene enables you to draw a precise picture of all the issues that exist within your organization.

The practice of detecting improvement opportunities during operational control activities like Gemba Walks or audits ensures the creation of a maximum of relevant improvement opportunities.

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Whether it’s the identification of issues, the detection of opportunities for improvement, their prioritization or the implementation of improvement projects, it’s all there!

The prioritization of opportunities is dynamic and directly associated with the improvement priorities set by management.

François Ouellet, Head of Continuous Improvement and Operational Support

The Continuous Improvement Module

The continuous improvement module helps you prioritize and take action on the most important issues in your organization. The amount and quality of information gathered in this module coupled with our algorithm will enable you to choose high-return improvement projects to implement.


Operational Performance

Reduce costs, increase production speed and quality. The Continuous Improvement Module will help you reach you objectives.


A bottom-up and top-bottom approach

Use the experience and the observations of your whole management team to their full potential. Use the information they gather systematically during operations control to inform your decisions.


Choose the right improvement plans

Using the information about opportunities’ impacts on your organization’s performance, you will select the most relevant project to reach your performance goals.


Improvement project management

Plan and manage your improvement projects from the Tervene app and benefit from increased visibility on project status.

How does it work

Opportunities for improvement detected by team leaders during Gemba Walks, audits and meetings can all be transferred to the improvement module to be prioritized and acted upon.

That’s where they will be converted into improvement projects to realize the vision of your organisation.

Inventory your improvement opportunities

Opportunities are described in detail and associated with a list of impacts by your managers. These informations coupled with the App’s algorithm will help you prioritize opportunities that are the most important to you.

Prioritise your opportunities

Build your action plan and manage its accomplishment from within the Tervene app. Distribute tasks and monitor their levels of advancement through the improvement module.

Manage improvement

The module enables you to manage your improvement plan, distribute the tasks and follow-up on their accomplishment.

Adopt Tervene

Give your team the means to efficiently compile opportunities for improvement relevant to the accomplishment of your organization’s vision.

Gain real-time visibility on the issues your personnel faces on a daily basis.

No more need to use tons of disparate paperwork to manage improvement. One app delivers the results.

Tie your vision and your objectives to your continuous improvement efforts and give your organization the means to surpass itself.

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