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for Manufacturers

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Tervene's Lean Management Software

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Standardize all operational control and issue resolution across your organization.

Champion Ownership

Empower ownership through enhanced accountability.

Gain Visibility

Get real-time visibility over control, inspection, reports, issues, action plans and tasks.

Connect your team

Eliminate paper forms, multiple data transcription and inefficient collaboration.

Why Tervene?

Tervene at Safran Cabin Canada

With Tervene, I know in 3 minutes
if my shop is in control and where I should focus.

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Enable proactive operation control
on the floor with Gemba Walks.

Collaborate and solve issues 
in a connected ecosystem.

Ensure continuous improvement and engage frontline workers.

Break silos between departments and increase implication from support groups.

Product Overview

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René Marcoux, VP

Our main challenge was really the detection and management of improvement opportunities. We wanted a tool to help us streamline this process.

The detection, centralization and prioritization of our improvement opportunities is much easier with Tervene than with our previous method.

Kahina Koulougli, Manager

Tervene helped me take back control of operations.

Eric Bouchard, General Manager

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  • Standardize processes and management practices
  • Enhance operational control and standard validation
  • Identify, control and reduce non-quality and non-compliances
  • Accelerate problem-solving through collaboration
  • Transfer and escalate problems to the right stakeholder
  • Detect improvement ideas through waste floor tour
  • Identify recurring issues through Gemba Walks
  • Implement rigorous 5S audits

Deliver More Value

Minimize Waste

  • Engage frontline workers in the process for a bottom-up improvement approach
  • Enable proactive control and systematic presence of supervisors
  • Collect, log, prioritize and plan improvement ideas
  • Conduct improvement meetings to implement projects and assign tasks
  • Align improvement with your company’s strategic objectives

Ensure Continuous Improvement



5S validation


Gemba Walk




Process Improvement

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Inspections - Audits

Ianick Saulnier, Quality Director

Tervene's standardization helps us control operations
and deliver a product of quality to our customers.

If you believe in the Daily Management System philosophy, Tervene is the best tool to achieve it.

Eric Bouchard, General Manager