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Tervene Meetings

Tervene’s meeting module enables you to easily follow-up on the accomplishment of tasks assigned during meetings. It facilitates collaboration before and after meetings and reduces meeting duration by up to half.

Stop Wasting Time on inefficient meetings

Most businesses have a hard time conducting efficient meetings and following up rigorously on decisions they make while in groups.

Effective communication with your team is within your reach with Tervene.

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Tervene Meetings : Your Meeting Workspace

This is how Tervene will help you structure and improve communications in your organization.


Collaborate in real-time on the meeting agenda

See what your colleagues are writing in real time and collaborate to prepare the meeting.


Never Forget another discussion point

You didn’t have the time to discuss all the points planned your meeting, transfer them to the next occurence in one click.


Follow-up systematically on meeting tasks

Real-time verification of the status of a task assigned during a meeting.


Keep track of your previous meeting agendas.

Want to know what was said 4 weeks ago during that important meeting? Every information that was added in previous meetings can be found easily.


Stay in the loop

Missed a meeting? No worries! Catch up by taking a look at what was discussed in the previous meeting.

How it works

Create your meeting

Write in the basic information related to your meeting. Describe its objective, choose its recurrence, create sections and choose the attendants.

Before the meeting

Fill the sections with points to discuss, pictures, files, deadlines and comments, choose task assignees and collaborate in real time.

During the meeting

During the meeting, add comments and information as needed for all discussion points. When you’ve treated a topic mark is as done.

After the meeting

Use the task manager to accomplish tasks assigned during the meeting or to follow up on the status of a task assigned to someone else. Transfer the unresolved discussion points.

Shift transfers between the day and evening shifts were relatively simple because teams met when changing over, but between the evening and the morning shifts there was no communication at all.

We used to spent alot of time looking for information. Now that issue has been resolved. Our communication is systematic and fluid thanks to Tervene.

Sandro Caruso, Production Manager

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Enable your management teams to improve how they communicate. Their teams will create more value, they will prevent more mistakes, all while improving the efficiency of production processes.

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