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The Tervene Training Program

The training program quickly provides your managers with all the knowledge and experience they need to control operations proactively and to detect and report your organization’s improvement opportunities.

Maximize the benefits of using the improvement app. Give your team the structure, the knowledge and the motivation needed to adopt sound management habits with Tervene.

Proactive Management

You can trust the Tervene team and our certified partners to support your team in the adoption of proactive management habits.

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Sustainable gains

When we compare them to other gains generated by other operational excellence programs that don’t benefit from the structuring effect of technology, we can see that the gains generated by Tervene are much more durable.

The ease of use of the application guarantees the sustainment of this improvement system.

Change Management with Tervene

With Tervene, change is gradual and your personnel receives one-on-one attention by our consultants so we can help you minimize resistance to change. But don’t take our word for it:

The training program


Tervene training Level 1

Feed the improvement engine

Train your first level managers in leadership and proactive management

  • Control operations with Tervene
  • Identify opportunities for improvement within your organization
  • Convert opportunities in improvement
  • Conduct effective meetings with Tervene

Tervene training Level 2

Maintain the improvement engine

Train your upper managers (2nd and 3rd level) to encourage and foster the productive use of the improvement engine.

  • Implement an improvement culture
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Generate continuous improvement
  • Train subordinate managers

The majority of hours spent training are spent on practical exercises during which our consultants guide your managers through the normal execution of their functions.

One of the greatest advantages of using Tervene is that we have access to a great amount of information in real time. We know if Gemba Walks have been conducted as planned and if issues have been addressed or transferred into opportunities.

We have access to everything that’s been done and it helps us better coach our managers who use Tervene.

Steve Pellerin, Director of Operational Excellence

Our Partners

Our partners are experts in operational excellence and are certified to implement the Tervene solution in your organization. Whatever the market in which your organization evolves, there is a Tervene partner who can implement Tervene for you.

Groupe Progim F2P GICS Solutions Inc. Précicom Apple

Continuous training

In addition to offering implementation services, Tervene offers you personalized usage monitoring and counselling by our team of specialists for as long as you are a Tervene client.

Generate maximum benefit with your improvement engine.

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Ready for change? Stop reacting, start proacting

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