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The task manager

The Tervene Task Manager gives you real-time visibility on all of yours and your team leaders’ tasks.

Whether they originate from a meeting, from an improvement plan or from an issue detected during a Gemba Walk, the execution of each task can be prioritized from a single interface.

From chaos to clarity

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We adopted Tervene very easily. Before, we had a hard time keeping track of all the issues that we had.

Now it’s very simple, everything is in one place and it is fantastic.

Jeremy Niro, Andon Supervisor

Prioritize all of your tasks in one place.

Take control of your day.

How does it work?

Take control of your schedule and put your energy in the right place. Tervene wants to help you be proactive and stay on top of it all.

Gain complete visibility on yours and your team’s tasks.

Prioritize all of your tasks in one place.

Easily follow-up on your team’s tasks and maintain a strong feeling of accountability.

Select the name of a team leader to access their task list and the completion level of each assignment.

Automatically send follow-ups to your bosses and colleagues by updating the status of your own assignments.

Mark a task as ‘done’ or change its completion level to make that information available to all

Take control of your problem resolution

One of our most important considerations was that our supervisors needed to manage lots of different issues at a time.

We needed a solution that would structure the flow of information, but that could also structure our Gemba Walk program.

Michel Bussey, VP of Operations

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