Tervene's 2.0 Platform Overview

Get to know Tervene, a modern and collaborative platform that standardizes and simplifies your daily management processes while reducing the administrative burden.


User-friendly and intuitive, every team member will find it easy to use.


Flexible and customizable features can be tailored to your industry and unique business needs in just a few clicks – no coding required.


Safeguarded by the highest data protection and cybersecurity standards, Tervene is an enterprise-ready solution.

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Calendar and management routines

 Schedule recurring audits, inspections, Gemba Walks, shift handovers, data collection forms, meetings, and project tracking to calendars.

Set the frequency for a recurring event on a daily weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Assign team members to specific events to increase ownership and accountability.

Configure custom reminders and notifications for upcoming events on your calendar.

Check your calendar for a quick overview of your daily, weekly, and monthly routines from any mobile device.


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Custom forms and checklists

Create custom form templates from a wide range of question options and manageable form versions.

Make questions mandatory in order to successfully submit the form. From photos to notes, define the necessary actions in the event of non-conformity.

Assign a form owner and establish the frequency at which forms should be completed.

Fill out a form or checklist from any device to capture data and document issues on the spot. Create and assign follow-up actions. Add notes and attach photos if necessary.

Access comprehensive reports that combine success scores, data, and statistics.

Cross-functional team management

Say goodbye to lost information and collaboration challenges between frontline teams, management levels, and support departments.

Create your own teams and add members to allow them to collaborate, handle issues, share information, participate in meetings, and oversee projects in the same ecosystem.

Share tasks among multiple team members to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration.

Escalate information and communicate important issues across multiple management levels as needed.


Manage any issue, opportunity, or action. Assign tasks to people, set priority levels, and attach files as needed.

Standardize meetings with agendas and discussion topics. Make decisions and ensure each task has a clear owner and due date. Leave comments within a discussion thread.

Draw up action plans and projects. Schedule tasks and subtasks with action item lists. Show dependencies in a Gantt view. Visualize and organize action items on a digital Kanban board.

Create custom fields and labels to better document issues and categorize information.


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Workspaces, meetings and kanban board with Tervene

Task management

Create and assign tasks to team members. Add task descriptions, images, files, subtasks, dependency links, and deadlines as needed.

Centralize all tasks that fall under your responsibility or require your input. No more endless email threads, post-it notes or paper to-do lists.

Organize multiple tasks based on their priority level, stakeholder, or deadline, thanks to filtering and sorting options.

View a task’s history to better understand the context or track down the origin of a problem.

Subscribe to a task and get notified of progress until completion. Keep an eye on critical tasks and gain visibility on your team’s workload.

Task management with Tervene. Create and assign tasks to team members

Dashboards and reporting

Create and tailor dashboards without technical expertise. Select and sort data to view in multiple formats: tables, graphs, charts, lists, and scorecards.

Share dashboards with stakeholders or specific team members to streamline decision-making.

Track compliance and process performance. Gain visibility on the completion of forms, audits, and inspections.

Easily embed dashboards and KPIs from your existing tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau+, Excel, and Looker Studio.

Oversee your team’s management performance. Gather insights to give valuable feedback and lead coaching sessions.


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Technology and security center

A user-friendly platform available on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Flexible and customizable features can be tailored to your industry and unique business needs.

No coding required. You can kickstart your digital transition with minimal involvement from your IT team.

Protected with the highest data protection and cybersecurity standards, Tervene has the ISO 27001 certification and is an enterprise-ready solution.

A full-featured security center: roles and permissions management, active devices and users activities, security event logs, security alerts and rules, IP address whitelisting, password requirements, single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and many more.