Leader Standard Work Software

Implement a Successful Leader Standard Work Program

Operational excellence doesn't have to rely on your managers' individual performance.

Tervene offers an easier way to standardize leadership routines, promote front-line managers’ accountability, and set expectations for management behaviors.

Managers and team leaders use Tervene to control daily operations, solve issues faster, and collaborate with support teams.

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It adds structure to my workday as a manager.

Stéphane Bérubé
Production Director

Trusted by operational leaders around the world

After a few weeks or months, team leaders adopt a standardized structure.

Rémi Boileau
Continuous Improvement Specialist
Boost Your Supervisors and Managers Performance
Thanks to Tervene, you can schedule management activities, create standard checklists and forms, and monitor management behaviors without the administrative burden.

Promote leadership accountability with management routines

Gemba Walks

Implement structured Gemba Walks in the workplace

Digital Checklist

Perform daily checks, make assessments, and fill out 5S checklists

Health and Safety Inspection

Ensure workplace safety and risk mitigation

Audit Management

Effortlessly manage periodic audits and inspections

Daily Huddles and Meetings

Standardize meetings with agendas and discussion topics

Communication Cascade

Streamline communication to address issues at the right level

Problem-Solving Mechanism

Streamline problem-solving and solve issues faster

Project and Task Management

Lead projects and assign tasks to the right people

Continuous Improvement

Log ideas and prioritize opportunities

Analytics and Reporting

Review your team's managerial and leadership behaviors

Visual Management

Drive decision-making and performance improvement

Elevate your daily management and operational control
quicker to perform a gemba walk and solve issues
more issues identified and solved in the 6 first months
less time needed to send out a task

Standardize Your Managers and Supervisors' Routines

Setting up standardized routines guides your managers in daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

✓ Schedule any management activity, e.g., Gemba Walks, audits, periodic inspections, daily huddles, weekly meetings, and performance reviews.

✓ Create a single occurrence or a routine at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, or custom recurrence).

✓ Assign team members and configure automated reminders for upcoming events.


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Calendar for recurring inspection schedules and periodic audits
Operational Excellence and Leader Standard Work

Foster Proactive Supervision and Control Daily Operations

Are you facing reactive or firefighting-mode management? Tervene guides managers around the workplace to assess processes, identify issues and nonconformances, capture data, and log kaizen ideas.

✓ Standardize your managers’ walkthroughs with structured Gemba Walks, periodic inspections, daily checks, and more.

✓ Ensure managers confirm the following of standards and processes.

✓ Shift from reactive to proactive management. Catch issues before they escalate into more significant problems.


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Enhance Process Confirmation and Operations Assessment


10 Steps to Implement a Leader Standard Work Program 

Unlock and implement LSW in one month. Our actionable eBook, crafted explicitly for managers, uncovers expert insights, proven principles, and real-life success stories.

Download our 10-step guide, launch your LSW program, and start seeing results in as little as 4 weeks!


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Enable Your Managers to Capture and Solve More Issues

✓ Make it easy to capture and prioritize problems.

✓ Implement countermeasures and track corrective actions faster as a team.

✓ Allow your supervisors to work closely with support teams and departments (Maintenance, Quality, Safety, Continuous Improvement, Procurement, Engineering, and more).

✓ Log Kaizen ideas and manage improvement projects.


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Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement (2)

Streamline Communication and Escalation at Every Management Level

✓ Schedule a series of short and structured meetings within the organization.

✓ Structure the communication cascade across management levels (team leaders, supervisors, managers, executives).

✓ Ensure the escalation process fits your hierarchical structure to promptly address issues and make decisions at the right organizational level.

We can escalate a problem to several management levels while keeping track of its progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager

Develop Your Team's Managerial and Leadership Skills

Thanks to Tervene, you can ensure all managers follow your established management standards.

✓ Reduce the skills gap between managers.

✓ Help new managers to gain autonomy and fulfill their roles rapidly.

✓ Gain insight into your team’s management behaviors and give constructive feedback during 1-on-1s.


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With Tervene, we standardized most of our recurring meetings. For example, shift transfer meetings enable better communication from a supervisor to another.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operations Director

It adds structure to my workday as a manager.

Stéphane Bérubé
Production Director

It's like an agenda. Everyone can assign tasks and follow their progression.

Steven Johnson
Reliability at Group Level

Having a defined standard helped us streamline new manager onboarding.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operations Director

After a few weeks or months, team leaders adopt a standardized structure.

Rémi Boileau
Continuous Improvement Specialist

With Tervene, team leaders do Gemba Walks every day and record all the different issues and opportunities.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager

As supervisors, we must do between 3 to 4 Gemba walks per week and two lockout audits.

Gilbert Larocque
EHS Coordinator

With a standardized schedule, supervisors detect all anomalies and deviations of the production versus our planning.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager

Tervene’s standardization helps us control operations and deliver a product of quality to our customers.

Ianick Saulnier
Quality Director

Insights From Our Experts

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The All-In-One Solution for Leader Standard Work

Tervene is the all-in-one solution that supports your daily management, operational control, leader standard work, continuous improvement, and QEHS processes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding experience. Getting started is simple and you can create workspaces and begin using our solution on the first day.


Most companies want to implement Tervene across all shifts and departments. Our team is here to help and we estimate that the entire process should take between 4 to 8 weeks.

Our customers range from midsize businesses to large enterprises across industries:


• Manufacturing Industry

• Hospitals, Long-term care homes, and Seniors’ residences

• Distribution and Warehouse

• Cities and Public Works

• Sorting and Recycling Facility

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