Layered Process Audit Software (LPA)

Build an LPA program and streamline your Layered Process Audits

Tervene helps organizations streamline their Layered Process Audit (LPA) program to ensure process compliance, assess quality and safety, and drive continuous improvement without administrative burdens.

Thanks to Tervene's digital platform, you can build audit checklists while involving multiple layers of auditors and managing corrective actions with cross-functional teams.

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Team leaders used to conduct audits on paper. Now, it’s easier to access information, assign tasks resulting from audits, and make follow-ups.

Thierry Bayle
Machining sector Manager
Implement a Layered Process Audit Program
Tervene offers a faster and easier way to schedule audits, conduct inspections, manage corrective actions, and track performance on one easy-to-use platform.
LPA Schedule

Schedule audits and involve multiple levels of auditors

Audit Checklists

Build custom checklist and digitize audit forms

Audit Reporting

Eliminate the administrative burden of manual reporting

CAPA Management

Manage corrective and preventive actions

Task Management

Assign tasks and follow-up actions in one click

Problem Escalation

Choose the appropriate layer of management to handle issues

Supercharge your audits and inspections
quicker to perform an audit
and address non-conformity
of tasks from noncompliance are closed
more audits were performed with Tervene than without

Build your LPA checklists and digitize any audit forms

Are you tired of handling paper-based audit forms? Digital checklists allow you to drop the paperwork and ensure auditors use up-to-date form versions.

• Create custom checklists for each department, process, or layer within your organization.

• Choose from various question types, checkpoints, and assessment criteria.

• Configure mandatory questions to focus on.

• Set up a scoring system based on your management priorities by quantifying possible answers.


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custom LPA checklist and audit forms

Schedule layered process audits and assign auditors

Tervene lets you task multiple layers of auditors with different audit frequencies across the organization.

• Set the frequency of audits, inspections, and regular assessments. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or custom recurrence.

• Configure reminders for upcoming audits and inspections to ensure team members stay on top of their LPA schedules.

• Assign auditors and stakeholders for each audit layer (front-line employees, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and top executives)


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LPAs Schedule - Scheduling Layered-Process Audits

Conduct audit checklists and assessments on the go

Tervene makes it intuitive and effortless for auditors to conduct audits on the go and identify issues before they spread.

• Fill out digital checklists using smartphones, tablets, or computers.

• Collect data and document findings as you go through your LPA checklists. Attach photos and include notes as needed.

• Create actions and tasks in real-time to address urgent matters, non-conformity, or issues that require immediate attention.


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Digital Layered-Process Audit checklist on tablet or mobile phone

Manage preventive and corrective actions as a team

Tervene’s app fosters collaboration among auditors, management layers, and cross-functional teams.

• Assign tasks and follow-up actions. Add descriptions, priority levels, sub-tasks, custom fields, and deadlines.

• Track corrective and preventive actions resulting from audit findings.

• Manage action plans and drive continuous improvement.

Now, when we raise an issue, we know that we will take care of it, that it will be prioritized, and that we'll get feedback on it.

Aimé Buchel
Value Chain Manager
Initiate corrective and prevention actions from LPA

Generate comprehensive audit reports and get visibility over your LPA Program

• Generate a digital audit report automatically, including audit findings, success scores, notes, non-conformity, and corrective actions.

• Archive and access records of previous LPA versions. Review answers, collected data, and follow-up actions anywhere, anytime.

• Build a dashboard to provide at-a-glance insights into the LPA program’s effectiveness.


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Layered-Process Audit LPA Dashboard

Insights From Our Experts

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Team leaders used to conduct audits on paper. Now, it’s easier to access information, assign tasks resulting from audits, and make follow-ups.

Thierry Bayle
Machining sector Manager

In the quality assurance department, we use Tervene every day. It helps us identify production problems.

Maryse Frappier
Quality Team Lead

When we are faced with non-conformities, we can deal with them immediately with Tervene.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

Tervene’s standardization helps us control operations and deliver a product of quality to our customers.

Ianick Saulnier
Quality Director

We use Tervene for prevention, inspection and auditing of health and safety issues, but we also use it for reporting accidents, incidents and dangerous situations.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

When we do our health and safety audits, the platform ensures we can rapidly capture information and respond accordingly.

Martin Lessard
Quality Manager at Canimex

All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. It's our no.1 tool. We do health and safety inspections with it, and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin
Vice-President of Operations

Tervene allows us to better organize and monitor our issues. It’s also an excellent way to communicate and share information.

Sarah Colliez
Quality Manager

We have decided to focus our validation on quality, materials used and methods. The company now has a better capacity to inspect quality standards.

Rémi Boileau
Improvement Specialist - Hason Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding on your end. Getting started is simple: you can create workspaces and begin using the platform on the first day.


Whether you prefer to start big or small, most of our clients want to implement Tervene across all shifts and departments. Our team is here to help and we estimate it takes between 4 to 8 weeks to be fully up and running.

Our customers range from midsize businesses to large enterprises across industries:


• Manufacturing Industry

• Hospitals, Long-term care homes, and Seniors’ residences

• Distribution and Warehouse

• Cities and Public Works

• Sorting and Recycling Facility

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We look forward to helping you digitalize your audits, checklists and inspections.