About Tervene

Our Observations

We noticed shortcomings in traditional management practices:

✗ Knowledge, supervision and operations rely too much on a word of mouth communication, transcription and printed documents.

✗ Operators, management teams and support groups are rarely equipped with tools to optimize their management system and deliver the desired results.

✗ Some organizations operate in a firefighter mode with siloed teams, bringing time-consuming activities in the front-line manager’s routine.

Our Mission

Tervene supports your daily operations control with a stronger management system.

✔ Our connected worker platform empowers frontline teams and top management to reach operational excellence with stronger daily management, collaboration and problem-solving processes.

✔ Manufacturers, operation leaders and many SMBs digitized their management practices with our help: Gemba walks, daily checks, audits, inspections, operational meetings, digital procedures, improvement management and much more.

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Our Story


Tervene is formed

Lucas Grenier, Tervene’s CEO, saw the necessity to build better tools designed to support managers after spending several years as an operational excellence consultant.

Tervene was born in 2015 with other co-founders Martin Lavoie, Philippe Prévost, Charles Faucher and Simon Rouillier.


World's first Gemba Walk app

Our first build aimed to promote proactive management behaviours with our Gemba Walk and improvement modules.


Daily Management System (DMS)

We spent the year building additional features that would evolve our app into a complete system to support daily operations. Meeting and task management was added to streamline collaboration and problem-solving.


International growth

We expanded our client base in Europe and across North America, landing several international and local clients.


Process performance and knowledge retention

We launched two major features this year, audit and knowledge management, allowing our client to view their process performance over time as well as granting workers access to the right information to perform better work.


Multi-devices access and enhanced cybersecurity

We expended our accessibility by making our platform available on iOS, Android, Windows and the web as well. We also completed major cybersecurity updates on our data infrastructure.


Connected Manager Platform

We're dedicated to developing the best platform that empowers managers to make their best work.

There's more to come, stay tuned!

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Lucas Grenier

Co-Founder and CEO

Since the beginning, we thrive to elevate front-line managers' efficiency within various industries. Our mandate is to support managers in their quest for operational excellence.

Our team relies on a world-class digital solution and continuously enhances its expertise in management consulting.

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Proven Results


Gemba Walks performed with Tervene's Gemba Walk module.


Issues and non-compliances solved through our problem-solving ecosystem.

And counting...

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Professional Services

Combined with a digital transition, Tervene offers professional services of coaching, enabling organizations to adopt and enhance the best proactive supervision behaviours.

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Digital Product

Our digital solution combines 6 tools: gemba walk, knowledge center, audit, task manager, meeting manager, improvement manager.

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Why Tervene?

Organizations connect teams and all management levels, gain visibility on operations and processes, standardize management practices, while ensuring accountability and ownership for all managers.

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Tervene helped me take back control of operations.

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Production Manager - Safran Cabin Canada