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About us

Tervene is a SaaS start-up from Canada. Our business model allows for an ever-improving software, low commitment and financial barriers to entry.

Tervene provides its clients with the technology and the skills to control and improve their operational effectiveness in today’s rapidly evolving economy.

Our success is aligned with yours.

The co-founders

Our founding team has extensive experience in technology and management consulting in the manufacturing sector.

Lucas Grenier

Lucas Grenier CEO Email

Lucas lead an industrial engineering consulting firm for several years before founding Tervene. For years, he tried to find and adapt existing software to facilitate operations management and improve processes. After frustrating attempts to find a good solution on the market Lucas did what he does best. He convinced a team of experts (now known as The co-cofounders) to partner with him and accomplish his dream.

Martin Lavoie

Martin Lavoie CMO Email

Martin was probably born an entrepreneur, he began starting businesses on the web at age 14. His early successes include a pre-Facebook social media platform with high regional success. After his early ventures, Martin became a self-taught expert in web marketing and financial technology. He’s Tervene’s CMO and determined to ensure the name Tervene permeates every qualified lead’s internet browsing experience.

Simon Rouillier

VP Sales
Simon Rouillier VP Sales Email

Co-founder of NVI, Simon built one of Canada’s best online marketing agency. He stayed onboard for 4 years as Business Development Director at iProspect Canada, the country’s leading web marketing firm, after his company was acquired by the Dentsu Aegis Network. Simon brings invaluable experience in sales, especially large B2B deals and partnerships. Over the years, he has advised many start-ups as well as large multinationals.

Charles Faucher

Head of Business Development
Charles Faucher Head of Business Development Email

Co-founder and VP Business Development at Precicom Technologies, Charles is a master in the art of delivering the right contacts and building fruitful relationships. The rest of the team sees him as a magician, one with access to an infinite network of top executives at home and abroad.

Philippe Prévost

Philippe Prévost CTO Email

Co-founder and CTO at Precicom Technologies, Philippe is an expert in all things software. He is Tervene’s CTO and leads the app’s software development efforts. Ask him for a cool new feature and he doesn’t answer with “You know that’s impossible, right?” but rather with “sounds good, when do you need it?” He’s not one to shy away from a challenge.

Stéphane Toupin

Head of cybersecurity
Stéphane Toupin Head of cybersecurity Email

Co-founder and head of cybersecurity at Precicom Technologies. Stephane is in charge of Precicom’s security team where he works with major organizations to grow their cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities. He is well known in the industry for several major cybersecurity implementations and for his achievements with the Fortinet cyber-security solutions. His expertise is used at its full potential to keep our data (and yours) safe while it travels from workplace to cloud and back again.

Operations team

Anthony Lesage

Director of Operations
Anthony Lesage Director of Operations Email

Martin Lauzon

Partner Program Director
Martin Lauzon Partner Program Director Email

Thierry Crête

Senior Advisor
Thierry Crête Senior Advisor Email

Julien Hébert

Julien Hébert Advisor Email

Charles-Éric Gauthier

Junior Advisor
Charles-Éric Gauthier Junior Advisor Email

Frédérick Robichaud

Senior Advisor
Frédérick Robichaud Senior Advisor Email

André Samson

André Samson Advisor Email

Eric Lacourcière

Director, Sales
Eric Lacourcière Director, Sales Email

Philippe Raymond

Acquisition Manager
Philippe Raymond Acquisition Manager Email

Phil’s always ready to hop into your new crazy project. That may be why he’s so good at convincing most people to hop into our ‘not-so-crazy’ adventure and let us meet them for the first time.

Gabriel Gauvin

Acquisition Team
Gabriel Gauvin Acquisition Team Email

Francis Hébert

Acquisition Team
Francis Hébert Acquisition Team Email

Francis has the best phone voice you’ve heard in a while. He knows how to create interest in the company. As soon as he gets you hear him on the phone, you will want to learn more.

Maxime Landry

Acquisition Team
Maxime Landry Acquisition Team Email

For Max, no is not an answer. He really wants you to know what Tervene can do for you. Once that’s done, most people want to meet us.

Samuel Bisson

Business Acceleration Team
Samuel Bisson Business Acceleration Team Email

Sam once emailed Tim Cook because we had a problem with our tablet supplies. Less than a week later, the problem was solved… forever. The team now refers to Sam as the “Tervenator.”

Stéphanie Gravel

Stéphanie Gravel Accounting Email

She can count to infinity … twice, but most importantly she’ll give you the most accurate financial previsions.

Yan Desjardins

Yan Desjardins Marketing Email

Charles-Olivier Bisson

Charles-Olivier Bisson Intern Email

Judith Hamelin

Support manager
Judith Hamelin Support manager Email

She is the voice you will hear when you need help. She’s probably the right person to solve your problem. If she’s not, she’ll find them.

Software development team


Carl Developer Email

Carl is the guy you give the hard stuff to. He will not back down until the problem is solved.


Dave Developer Email

Dave, you mean bug destroyer Dave? Oh, you have a bug to solve. Wait here I’ll go find him.


Keven Developer Email

Don’t look at my age, look at the quality of my work. I know what I’m doing.


Samuel Developer Email

Always ready, never taken by surprise.


UX/Front-End Developer
Stéphane UX/Front-End Developer Email

If it ain’t pretty, it ain’t ready. I will not make a compromise on our users’ happiness.


Yoann Developer/Infrastructure Email

One step ahead. Always thinking of the next project.


Brice Analyst Email

Brice is the ultimate team player. He’s always there to help the laymen understand what the developing team is doing.


Pierre Analyst Email

If you want the job well done the first time around, call Pierre. He’ll make that happen for you.


Anthony Developer Email


Tervene will deliver increasingly performant management tools to help businesses everywhere maintain efficient operations control and continuous improvement processes.

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