Meetings and Communication Structure

Standardize meetings and streamline communication across all levels

Collaborate before, during and after your meetings with support groups in a connected ecosystem.

Streamline communication and escalate information across the tier levels of management to handle issues.

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You can escalate a problem to several management levels while keeping track of its progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager
Standardize any meeting and breakdown silos
From meetings to project management, ensure your teams collaborate to reach their full potential.
Daily Huddles
Stand Up Meetings
Weekly Meetings
Cross-Functional Meetings
Short Interval Management (SIM)
Quality Insurance Meeting
Improvement Meeting
Shift Handover
One-on-one meeting
Issues Management
Tasks and Corrective Actions
Escalation Mechanism
Optimize your time spent in meeting and project management
less time needed to prepare and conduct a meeting
daily meetings standardized on average per organization
of meeting discussion subjects originate from gemba walks, forms & audits.

Schedule, organize and run better meetings

• Schedule a recurrent meeting and set a clear structure for the meeting

• Feed your meetings with tasks from inspections and Gemba walks

• Add photos, files, and descriptions to help other participants understand the context

• Handle issues and make decisions, set due dates, and assign an owner to meeting subjects


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Daily Huddles and meetings in factories

Streamline communication across all management levels

• Establish clear communication channels and escalate information between team leaders, middle-manager, and top-level management.

• Launch action plans, and track corrective actions in a simple, engaging interface

• Standardize your problem-solving mechanisms

• Breakdown the silos and involve everyone in continuous improvement


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You can escalate a problem to several management levels while keeping track of its progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager

Tervene brought dynamism to our meetings. It feeds the exchanges with photos and documentation, making it more concrete.

Thierry Bayle
Machining sector Manager

Using Tervene enables us to separate the workload and to structure the cascade of information between the different levels of management.

Rémi Boileau
Improvement Specialist - Hason Steel

Through my role as director, it helps me structure short and efficient daily meetings with the different sectors of production services.

Dave Forgues
Production director at Manac Inc.

Tervene has made it possible to improve communication between departments and that feedback and deviations from the field are taken care of by the concerned services.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager at Meritor

With Tervene, managers lead morning meetings with their teams and support departments. They take note of the discussion points, assign tasks and follow their progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager

There are multiple levels. We escalate until we have applied all levels of decision-making needed so corrective action can be taken and the problem won’t return. This helps us to easily handle quality issues.”

Valentin Delannoy
Team Leader, Continuous Improvement and Innovation

See Tervene in action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding experience. Getting started is simple and you can create workspaces and begin using the platform on the first day.


Most companies want to implement Tervene across all shifts and departments. Our team is here to help and we estimate that the entire process should take between 4 to 8 weeks.

Great! You can schedule a demo here. We’ll get in touch to schedule a 1-hour platform overview.


We look forward to helping you digitalize your meetings and communication structure.