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Streamline Your Daily Shop Floor Management

Tervene's platform drives operational control, leader standard work, problem-solving, and continuous improvement, from the factory floor to every organizational level.


Identify issues early, eliminate waste, and improve quality control


Build daily routines and increase leader standard work adherence


Foster a continuous improvement culture at every level

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It’s an all-in-one system that includes all the activities that support our daily management system: meetings, shift handover, improvement opportunities, audits.

Rendy Samson
Continuous improvement coordinator
The All-In-One Solution for Shop Floor Management
Tervene empowers your team with the tools to drive safety, quality, and productivity.
5S Audit

Improve workplace standards, safety, and organization

Gemba Walks

Implement structured Gemba Walks in the workplace

Quality Inspection

Manage the quality inspection process with ease

EHS Inspection

Ensure workplace safety and mitigate risks

Leader Standard Work

Introduce shop floor management routines

Daily Huddles and Meetings

Standardize meetings across your factory

Shift Handover

Ensure better transitions with meetings or handoff reports


Organize SQCDP priorities and corrective actions

SFM Dashboard

Drive decision-making through visual management


Streamline problem-solving and solve issues faster

Project and Task Management

Lead projects and assign tasks to the right people

Continuous Improvement

Log ideas and prioritize opportunities

Supercharge your management standards
quicker to perform an audit and address nonconformances
daily meetings standardized on average per organization
3.3x more issues were identified and solved in the first 6 months

Introduce Leader Standard Work and Daily Routines

Tervene offers an easier way to promote accountability and set expectations for managers on the shop floor.

✓ Standardize shop floor management routines.

✓ Schedule activities at regular intervals. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or custom recurrence.

✓ Assign the event to the right people or team members.


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It adds structure to my workday as a manager.

Stéphane Bérubé
Production Director

Perform Inspections, Audits, Checklists and Gemba Walks

Tervene ensures supervisors walk around the workplace to assess processes, identify nonconformances, capture data, log ideas, and record first-hand observations.

✓ Create digital forms to perform any checklist: pre-start, assessment, safety inspection, 5S audit, Ok/Nok, Gemba Walk.

✓ Make sure managers check that standards and processes are being followed.

✓ Identify potential problems early and take corrective actions.

We use tablets for our Gemba Walks where we visit each workstation and get a head start on any issues.

Yannick Levesque
Production Manager at Canimex
Enhance Process Confirmation and Operations Assessment

Lead Daily Team Huddles and Weekly Meetings

Schedule a series of short and structured meetings from the shop floor to senior management levels.

Collaborate before, during, and after your meetings. Involve participants in discussing any issues that have arisen, following up on tasks, reviewing performance status, and making decisions.

✓ Streamline the communication through tiered meetings held at each organizational tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3).

Managers lead morning meetings with their teams and support departments. They take note of the discussion points, assign tasks and follow their progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager
Meeting and SQCDP visual management board

Solve Issues Faster and Drive Continuous Improvement

One of the key shop floor management benefits is enabling problem-solving in the Gemba.

✓ Allow front-line teams to capture issues early on and track corrective actions.

✓ Establish an escalation process, ensuring issues are addressed at the right organizational level.

✓ Log Kaizen ideas and manage projects with custom Kanban Boards (planned, to-do, in progress, done, review).

Tervene ensures that every problem can be easily identified and dealt with quickly.

Martin Larochelle
Initiate corrective and prevention actions from LPA

Break Down Silos in Your Organization

Tervene allows organizations to bridge communication gaps between shop floor teams, support departments, and in-office teams.

✓ Provide each team with dedicated workspaces to focus on their priorities.

✓ Allow team members from various departments to collaborate.

Tervene improves communication between departments. The concerned services take care of feedback and deviations from the field.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager

Promote a Safety Culture at the Forefront of Daily Operations

Tervene offers better tools to help your organization handle its health and safety program without management burdens.

✓ Create tailored forms for recurring safety inspections and pre-shift checklists.

✓ Make sure corrective actions are implemented to address nonconformances.

✓ Log safety-related issues and risks.


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All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. We do health and safety inspections and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin
Vice-President of Operations

Leverage Shop Floor Visual Management

SFM boards encourage employee daily engagement and involvement, fostering a teamwork culture.

✓ Display a visual dashboard to increase accountability.

✓ Build a custom SQCDP board to monitor issues, tasks, and corrective actions.

✓ Share key performance indicators through visual management boards.


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If you believe in the Daily Management System philosophy, Tervene is the best tool to achieve it.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager - Marquis Livre

It’s an all-in-one system that includes all the activities that support our daily management system: meetings, shift handover, improvement opportunities, audits.

Rendy Samson
Continuous improvement coordinator

Our supervisors needed to manage lots of different issues at a time. We needed a solution that would structure the flow of information, but that could also structure our Gemba Walks.

Michel Bussey
Safran Cabin Canada

We use tablets for our Gemba Walks where we visit each workstation and get a head start on any issues.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager at Canimex

In the quality assurance department, we use Tervene every day. It helps us identify production problems.

Maryse Frappier
Quality Team Lead

When we are faced with non-conformities, we can deal with them immediately with Tervene.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

Tervene’s standardization helps us control operations and deliver a product of quality to our customers.

Ianick Saulnier
Quality Director

With Tervene, team leaders do Gemba Walks every day and record all the different issues and opportunities.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager

Tervene helps us with health and safety prevention by being able to systematically do our safety Gemba Walks.

Ken Bélanger
Fabrication Manager

We have decided to focus our validation on quality, materials used and methods. The company now has a better capacity to inspect quality standards.

Rémi Boileau
Improvement Specialist - Hason Steel

Tervene helped me take back control of operations.

Kahina Koulougli
Production Manager - Safran Cabin Canada

It's like an agenda. Everyone can assign tasks and follow their progression.

Steven Johnson
Reliability at Group Level

It saves time. Before, it was noted on paper and then by email. Now it’s structured, and we can see if it’s resolved.

Marcus Göhl
Site Director

Tervene has made it possible to improve communication between departments and that feedback and deviations from the field are taken care of by the concerned services.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager at Meritor

Tervene helps justify where our teams should focus their forces on improving operations continuously.

Olivier Proulx
Kruger Products

With Tervene, we standardized most of our recurring meetings. For example, shift transfer meetings enable better communication from a supervisor to another.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operations Director

Tervene is the leading Shop Floor Management Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding experience. Getting started is simple and you can begin using the platform on the first day.


Most companies want to implement Tervene across all sites, shifts, and teams. Our team is here to help and we estimate that the entire process should take between 4 to 8 weeks to ensure a full digital adoption.

Tervene empowers managers and front-line teams by providing enhanced processes that drive daily management, workplace safety, quality improvement, and operational performance. Learn more about how companies use Tervene:


• Daily Management System (DMS)


Leader Standard Work (LSW)


Tiered-Meetings and Escalation Process


• Audits and Inspections


• Health and Safety Management


Gemba Walks and Checklists

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