Project and Task Management

Manage Projects and Tasks With Ease

Tervene makes managing projects and tasks a breeze.

With Tervene, you'll foster collaboration among team members, simplify complex projects, and organize multiple tasks.

Say goodbye to paper notes and endless email threads. Now, you can bring all your projects in one place.

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Tervene allows us to keep better track of our tasks and action plans.

Rui Cabral
General Manager at Abipa

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It's easy for us to assign tasks with deadlines, and it helps us to communicate better.

Martin Lessard
Director of Quality Assurance
Make Sure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
Get rid of spreadsheets and Post-it notes for task tracking. Equip your team with everything they need.
Task Assignment

Document tasks and assign them to the right people

Action List

Keep track of multiple tasks, priorities, and deadlines

Kanban Board

Drag-and-drop tasks between customizable columns

Gantt Chart

View project timelines at a glance for better planning

Task Dependencies

Add dependencies between tasks

Custom Fields

Use custom fields and labels to categorize information

Sorting and Filtering

Sort tasks based on due date, priority, or custom criteria


Build custom dashboards for better reporting

Teams Management

Enhance cross-functional team collaboration

Roles and Permissions

Specify granular permissions for each role

Mobile and Desktop App

Access your projects anywhere, anytime


Build custom request forms

less time needed to log an idea and create an action plan
more issues identified and solved in the first 6 months

Create and Assign New Tasks

Assign tasks to team members with clear responsibilities. Document task descriptions, set priority levels, attach files or images, and add deadlines as needed.

✓ View a task’s history to keep track of context.

✓ Subscribe to a task and get notified of progress until completion.

✓ Use custom fields and labels to better document tasks.

✓ Leave comments within a discussion thread.


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Assign tasks to team members with clear responsibilities.
Document task descriptions, set priority levels, attach files or images and add deadlines as needed.

Organize Tasks With Different Views

List View: Keep track of multiple tasks and subtasks. Get a clear overview using filtering and sorting options.

Board View: Drag-and-drop tasks between customizable columns. Tailor Kanban columns to fit your workflow stages.

Gantt View: Show dependencies between tasks and expected duration. Set milestones if needed.

Individual Task Manager: View all tasks that fall under your responsibility or require your input.


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Keep track of multiple tasks and subtasks. Get a clear overview using filtering and sorting options.
Kanban Board: Drag-and-drop tasks between customizable columns. Tailor columns to fit your workflow stages. Gantt Chart: Show dependencies between tasks and how long each task will take. Set milestones if needed.

Consolidate All Your Company Projects in One Place

✓ Assign an owner for each project and add collaborators.

✓ Build an action plan as detailed as needed to outline tasks, set milestones, and identify dependencies.

✓ Schedule project review meetings and link the proper project workspace in everyone’s calendar.


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Create new projects with team members and assign a project owner for each.

Collaborate Across All Departments and Teams

Tervene can help all your teams stay organized: Operations, Maintenance, Quality, Safety, Continuous Improvement, R&D, Procurement, Engineering, HR, Marketing, and Sales.

✓ Organize projects by teams and departments.

✓ Allow team members from various departments to collaborate.

Tervene improves communication between departments.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager at Canimex

Gain Visibility on Your Team's Workload

✓ Keep an eye on critical tasks and gain visibility on your team’s workload.

✓ Customize notification preferences to suit your needs. Receive updates on task assignments and project progress.

✓ View and analyze task data in various formats, including tables, charts, and graphs.


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Say Goodbye To Administrative Burdens.

The Old-Fashioned Way

Email, printed documents, and spreadsheets.

  • Manual task tracking and updating methods are time-consuming.
  • Post-its and printed documents are quickly outdated.
  • Spreading information across various email threads can be overwhelming.
  • Task tracking in spreadsheets is cumbersome and prone to oversight.

Supported with Tervene

A digital, all-in-one solution

  • Assigns tasks with clear ownership, fostering individual accountability for meeting deadlines.
  • Scales easily with growing project complexities and team sizes.
  • Allows real-time collaboration and instant updates.
  • Tailors access levels with custom roles and permissions.

Your All-In-One Project and Task Management Solution

Do you need visibility on task deadlines and a real-time view of project progress? Tervene is here to help.

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