Daily Management System at Safran Cabin

Daily Management System (DMS) at Safran Cabin

Watch this video to learn how Tervene supports the performance of Safran Cabin’s management system:

Tevene’s project at Safran Cabin

Safran Cabin, formerly Zodiac Aerospace, needed a solution to support supervisors and managers in their daily operation management. After 7 weeks with Tervene, Safran Cabin achieved:

Tervene supports managers to:


One of our most important considerations was that our supervisors needed to manage lots of different issues at a time. We needed a solution that would structure the flow of information, but that could also structure our Gemba Walk program.

  • Michel Bussey, General Manager

One of the greatest advantages of using Tervene is that we have access to a great amount of information in real time. We know if Gemba Walks have been conducted as planned and if issues have been addressed or transferred into opportunities. We have access to everything that’s been done and it helps us better coach our managers. We improved productivity of 14% and reduced process variation of 24% in 7 weeks.

  • Steve Pellerin, Production Manager


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