Health and Safety Management

Ensure workplace safety and support your prevention program

Tervene offers better tools to help your organization handle its health and safety program without the management burden.

You can mitigate risks, reduce work incidents, stay compliant and promote safety prevention at the forefront of daily operations.

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All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. It's our no.1 tool. We do health and safety inspections with it, and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin
Vice-President of Operations
quicker to perform an audit and address noncompliances
more issues identified and solved in the 6 first months
more audits performed with Tervene than without
Eliminate paper forms and outdated spreadsheets
Tervene offers better tools to support health and safety processes
Health and Safety Inspections

Conduct audits and inspections with the latest version

Incidents and accidents forms

Capture near-misses, incidents and accidents

Safety Walks

Standardize Gemba Walks with safety checklists

Inspections Schedule

Schedule and assign inspections where it matters

Digital Forms and Checklists

Eliminate paper forms and multiple data transcription

Analytics and Reporting

Track safety process performance and customize your dashboards

Corrective Actions

Monitor corrective actions and safety-related issues

Safety Meeting

Assign tasks and track meeting subjects

Promote a safety culture at the forefront of daily operations

You put health preventive guidelines and procedures into practice. Why not incorporate them into the supervisors’ and operators’ routines?

Tervene helps your organization increase accountability and encourages everyone to adhere to risk awareness and safety measures.


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Empower your teams to maintain a safer work environment

Create custom inspection schedules for each area of the organization. Standardize your forms, checklists and inspections.

Capture observations, hazards and risks. Monitor non-conformities and safety-related issues. Implement corrective and preventive actions.

Generate comprehensive reports and trends on inspection results. Gain deeper insights into the root causes of issues and identify opportunities for improvement.


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When we are faced with non-conformities, we can deal with them immediately with Tervene.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

It's clear that Tervene greatly helps us to manage our daily health and safety tasks.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager at Canimex

As an EHS coordinator, Tervene helps me follow up on incidents and accidents.

Caroline Leduc
Senior Supervisor and EHS Coordinator

We use Tervene for prevention, inspection and auditing of health and safety issues, but we also use it for reporting accidents, incidents and dangerous situations.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

In terms of health and safety, we use Tervene to perform follow-ups and implement the health and safety changes needed on behalf of team leaders and contact people on the floor.

Ludovic Bergeron
Supervisor at Canimex

The non-conformities reporting allows us to improve all sectors while significantly reducing the risk of undesired events.

Gilbert Larocque
EHS Coordinator

All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. It's our no.1 tool. We do health and safety inspections with it, and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin
Vice-President of Operations

Health & safety is everyone's responsibility. That means everyone has a part to play in ensuring a safe environment at all levels. This is done with audits by operators, and Gemba Walks by managers.

Benjamin Waroquier
Production Manager

When we do our health and safety audits, the platform ensures we can rapidly capture information and respond accordingly.

Martin Lessard
Quality Manager at Canimex

Health and Safety Prevention at TOMRA Canada

TOMRA Canada has adopted the platform to implement health and safety prevention, conduct inspections and audits, track corrective actions, and support continuous improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The health and safety prevention program aims to mitigate risks, reduce work incidents, and foster a safety culture to maintain a safer work environment. The program provides methods for identifying, correcting, and controlling safety-related issues. A successful health and safety program involves all tiers and teams to ensure accountability at all levels.

Paper-based methods and disconnected tools generally require a lot of data transcription. Mobile inspection tools allow employees to identify and document safety issues faster. Safety Managers digitalize the process to support safety prevention more efficiently. They gain visibility on risks for investigation and analysis purposes.

The health and safety solution supports the organization’s safety programs to maintain a safe work environment. A mobile safety tool allows employees to perform safety checklists, log safety-related issues, monitor non-conformities, and track safety standards within the solution. It improves employees’ daily commitment, increases risk awareness, and encourages everyone to adhere to safety measures.

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding experience. Getting started is simple and you can create workspaces and begin using the platform on the first day.


Most companies want to implement Tervene across all shifts, management levels and departments. Our team is here to help and we estimate that the entire process should take between 4 to 8 weeks.

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We look forward to helping you digitalize your daily management system.