Daily Management System (DMS)

Support your daily management system and strengthen operational control

Discover Tervene, the modern Daily Management System available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Our platform makes it easy to support your operational control, communication, problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

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Operational excellence leaders use Tervene

If you believe in the Daily Management System philosophy, Tervene is the best tool to achieve it.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager - Marquis Livre
Ease daily management and problem-solving
quicker to perform a gemba walk and solve issues
more issues identified and solved in the 6 first months
less time needed to send out a task

Structure team leaders and managers' routines

Setting up a standardized routine is an effective way to help a manager adopt the appropriate processes for his role.

Increase ownership and adherence to management best practices.

• Schedule moments for managers to coach, guide, and support their team members.

• Allow new managers to gain autonomy rapidly and fulfill their supervisory roles.


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Control daily operations, audit your processes and capture issues

Standardize your supervisors and team leaders’ floor tours.

• Use proactive supervision to identify issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Perform inspections, 5S audits, checklists and Gemba Walks. Eliminate paper forms and multiple data transcription.

• Increase ownership and adherence to management best practices.

Enhance issues management and continuous improvement methods

• Standardize how tasks are organized and delegated between Operations, Quality, Maintenance, Methods, Engineering, and Safety Teams.

Document issues and non-conformities with photos, custom labels and notes. Ensure delegated tasks come with the context needed to solve them efficiently.

• Monitor critical issues and gain visibility on your team’s workload. Track corrective actions in a simple interface.


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Streamline communication across all management levels

Establish clear communication channels and escalate information between team leaders, middle-manager, and top-level management.

Run better daily huddles and meetings (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Meetings).

• Launch action plans, and track corrective actions in a simple, engaging interface.

• Handle issues, make decisions, set due dates, and assign an owner to meeting subjects.


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Gain insight on your management activities, coach your team and track improvements

• Ensure checklist completion and generate comprehensive reports and trends on inspection results.

• Gain deeper insights into the root causes of issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

• View and analyze audit data in various formats, including tables, charts, and graphs.

• Gain visibility into your management behaviors and standard leadership activities.


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With Tervene, we standardized most of our recurring meetings. For example, shift transfer meetings enable better communication from a supervisor to another.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operations Director

It’s an all-in-one system that includes all the activities that support our daily management system: meetings, shift handover, improvement opportunities, audits.

Rendy Samson
Continuous improvement coordinator

If you believe in the Daily Management System philosophy, Tervene is the best tool to achieve it.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager - Marquis Livre

It adds structure to my workday as a manager.

Stéphane Bérubé
Production Director

As supervisors, we must do between 3 to 4 Gemba walks per week and two lockout audits.

Gilbert Larocque
EHS Coordinator

With a standardized schedule, supervisors detect all anomalies and deviations of the production versus our planning.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager

Without Tervene, I wouldn't be able to perform at my job as well as I can now.

Jacques Aumont
Operations Director, Groupe Bouhyer

It's an excellent information-sharing forum. And it's easy to use.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager at Canimex

Tervene has made it possible to improve communication between departments and that feedback and deviations from the field are taken care of by the concerned services.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager at Meritor

Tervene helps justify where our teams should focus their forces on improving operations continuously.

Olivier Proulx
Kruger Products

You can escalate a problem to several management levels while keeping track of its progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager

With Tervene, team leaders do Gemba Walks every day and record all the different issues and opportunities.

Yannick Lévesque
Production Manager

Daily Management System (DMS) at Safran Cabin

Safran Cabin Canada needed a solution to support supervisors and managers in their daily operation management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Daily Management System (DMS) is the structure by which organizations conduct operational management to ensure their day-to-day goes as planned and continuously improves. A complete daily management system establishs several processes supporting the managers’ work, operational control, problem-solving mechanisms, communication across management levels, and continuous improvement.

Tervene is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding experience. Getting started is simple and you can create workspaces and begin using the platform on the first day.


Most companies want to implement Tervene across all shifts and departments. Our team is here to help and we estimate that the entire process should take between 4 to 8 weeks.

Great! You can schedule a demo here. We’ll get in touch to schedule a 1-hour platform overview.


We look forward to helping you digitalize your daily management system.

Our customers range from midsize businesses to large enterprises across industries:


• Manufacturing Industry

• Hospitals, Long-term care homes, and Seniors’ residences

• Distribution and Warehouse

• Cities and Public Works

• Sorting and Recycling Facility