Digital Audit and Inspection App

Streamline Audits and Inspections with a Mobile App

Tired of managing paper forms and outdated spreadsheets?

Tervene helps organizations streamline their audit management to assess standards and processes, improve quality and safety, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Thanks to Tervene's platform, your team can easily build custom checklists, schedule inspections, conduct audits on any device, manage corrective actions, and generate audit reports.

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Operational excellence leaders rely on Tervene's digital app

Team leaders used to conduct audits on paper. Now, it’s easier to access information, assign tasks resulting from audits, and make follow-ups.

Thierry Bayle
Machining sector Manager
quicker to perform an audit
and address nonconformances
of tasks from nonconformances are closed
more audits performed with Tervene than without
Digitalize your audits and inspections in one place
Assess safety, equipment, maintenance, compliance, quality, and standards – all from one easy-to-use app.
Health & Safety Inspection
Quality Inspection
5S Audit Checklist
Preventive Inspection
Compliance Audit
Equipment Inspection
Daily Checks
Maintenance Inspection
Pre-Start Inspection
Layered Process Audit (LPA)
Management Behaviour Assessment
Site and Building Inspection
Behaviour-Based Safety Audit
Standard Work Audit
Manufacturing Process Audit

Build custom checklists and forms

No more paper forms. Tervene allows you to drop the paperwork and easily design forms in an intuitive interface.

• Create tailored forms to fit your process. Choose from various question types, form answers, data inputs, and checkpoints.

• Configure mandatory questions to ensure rigorous inspections.

• Set up a scoring system by quantifying possible answers.

• Trigger a non-conformity, create an action or request photos automatically based on an answer.


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Audit Form and Inspection Questions List

Schedule audits and assign periodic inspections

Do you have inspections that occur at regular intervals? Tervene makes it easy to create recurring inspection schedules or a single instance in the future.

• Set the frequency of audits and regular assessments. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or custom recurrence.

• Configure automated reminders for upcoming audits and inspections to ensure team members stay on top of their audit schedules.

Assign the inspection to the right person or team members.

Link the right forms directly within calendar events.

Calendar for recurring inspection schedules and periodic audits

Conduct audit checklists and inspections on the go

Tervene makes it easier for everyone to conduct inspections.

• Fill out digital forms using smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

• Identify nonconformity and enter data as you go through the form.

• Document audit observations with photos and text notes as needed.

• Create actions and tasks in real-time to address deviations, nonconformity, or issues that require immediate attention.


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Audit and Inspection Form with a mobile app

Manage corrective actions and solve problems faster as a team

Tervene’s platform fosters collaboration among auditors, process owners, managers, and cross-functional teams.

• Assign follow-up tasks linked to specific audit reports. Add descriptions, priority levels, sub-tasks, custom fields, and deadlines.

• Track corrective and preventive actions stemming from audit findings.

• Launch and manage projects to support continuous improvement.


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Problem-Solving and Collaboration

Generate comprehensive audit reports to make better decisions

• Instantly generate a digital audit report, including audit findings, success scores, collected data, non-conformity, and actions taken.

• Easily search and retrieve past audit reports without the hassle of physical document storage.

• Build a customized dashboard to provide at-a-glance insights into the process effectiveness and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.


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Audit Report and Inspection Form Report

Team leaders used to conduct audits on paper. Now, it’s easier to access information, assign tasks resulting from audits, and make follow-ups.

Thierry Bayle
Machining sector Manager

In the quality assurance department, we use Tervene every day. It helps us identify production problems.

Maryse Frappier
Quality Team Lead

When we are faced with non-conformities, we can deal with them immediately with Tervene.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

Tervene’s standardization helps us control operations and deliver a product of quality to our customers.

Ianick Saulnier
Quality Director

We use Tervene for prevention, inspection and auditing of health and safety issues, but we also use it for reporting accidents, incidents and dangerous situations.

Karine Pelletier
EHS Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)

When we do our health and safety audits, the platform ensures we can rapidly capture information and respond accordingly.

Martin Lessard
Quality Manager at Canimex

All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. It's our no.1 tool. We do health and safety inspections with it, and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin
Vice-President of Operations

Tervene allows us to better organize and monitor our issues. It’s also an excellent way to communicate and share information.

Sarah Colliez
Quality Manager

We have decided to focus our validation on quality, materials used and methods. The company now has a better capacity to inspect quality standards.

Rémi Boileau
Improvement Specialist - Hason Steel

Health and Safety Inspections at TOMRA Canada

All employees are involved in this program by performing daily inspections of their workspace. If there is any non-compliance found, the risks and incidents are handled and documented immediately.

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