Daily Operations Management and Health and Safety at TOMRA Canada

TOMRA Canada is transitioning to digital with Tervene. The company has adopted the platform to implement health and safety prevention, conduct inspections and audits, track corrective actions and support continuous improvement.

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 Health and safety inspections

  Gemba Walks

 Production meetings

 Risk, near miss and incident documentation

 Non-conformity monitoring

 Task and corrective action management

 Digital procedures

 Continuous improvement


Supporting the health and safety program

TOMRA Canada incorporates its prevention program into its daily management to ensure the work environment is safe for everyone. All employees are involved in this program by performing daily inspections of their workspace. If there is any non-compliance found, the risks and incidents are handled and documented immediately. Finally, the supervision team and management perform corrective action management in real time.

 All aspects of health and safety go through Tervene. It’s our no.1 tool. We do health and safety inspections with it, and it has helped us transition from paper to tablet.

Caroline Lemelin, Vice-President of Operations


Structuring problem-solving and action monitoring

There is a production meeting every morning to follow up on issues related to operations, maintenance, transport, health and safety, and production. The various teams can collaborate to manage non-compliance, monitor issues raised and address opportunities for improvement. Each manager can keep track of their tasks without losing time or information. Notes are clear and help to resolve problems efficiently.

When we are faced with non-compliance, we can deal with it immediately with Tervene.

Karine Pelletier, ESH Partner (Environment, Health and Safety)


Improving visibility and analyzing audit reports

Tervene provides better visibility for the entire management and senior management team. In a zero-paper environment, audit and inspection reports are readily available. All information is documented, which facilitates analyzing results, tracking corrective actions and ensuring continuous improvement.

In terms of management, it’s really helped us to evaluate any issues and the various corrective measures we have on the floor, as well as ensure that follow-ups are done.

Anne-Marie Fleurant, Strategic and Organizational Development Director


About TOMRA Canada

TOMRA Canada is part of the TOMRA Group, a Norwegian multinational corporation. TOMRA Canada was founded in 1984 in Montreal and has about 100 employees. The company offers collection and sorting solutions for returnable containers and provides maintenance and repair services. TOMRA also operates an aluminum and recyclable materials processing plant in Quebec.



Tervene, the #1 Daily Management System

​Our daily management system empowers frontline teams and top management to reach operational excellence with stronger daily control, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and improvement processes.

Manufacturers, operation leaders, and many SMBs digitized their management practices with our help: Gemba walks, daily checks, audits, inspections, operational meetings, digital procedures, improvement management, and much more.

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