Canimex’s Torque Force Division Digitizes its Daily Management System with Tervene

Canimex recently rolled out the Tervene daily management system in its Torque Force Division. The solution helps production teams carry out meticulous quality control of their operations, perform inspections and audits on mobile devices, and facilitate collaboration between support groups, while ensuring the workplace is safe and secure.

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Proactive Problem Identification and Resolution

Every day, team leaders use their tablets to perform Gemba Walks at each workstation in the factory. They proactively identify problems in the field and opportunities so they can then document them in the platform. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, tasks with deadlines are created, then assigned to support groups so the issue can be resolved.

We use tablets for our Gemba Walks where we visit each workstation and get a head start on any issues.

Yannick Lévesque, Production Manager


Easier Communication and Information Sharing

The company has three work shifts throughout the week: day, evening , and night. It is crucial to have effective communication and information sharing between members of the different work shift teams.

Managers use the Tervene platform to lead their daily, weekly and monthly meetings. Thanks to better information sharing, each shift is informed of action item progress and issue tracking by the previous work shift.

Team leaders and supervisors in the factory can easily communicate with other departments and support groups. In this way, Tervene helps to facilitate collaboration between teams and speed up problem resolution.

Since integrating Tervene into our operations, I feel there is better synergy between the various departments.

Martin Lessard, Quality Manager


Workplace Health and Safety

Canimex’s occupational health and safety program covers all its operations to ensure the workplace remains safe and secure. Supervisors and inspectors regularly carry out Gemba Walks and audits with the platform to check health and safety requirements are being met. If there is any non-compliance found, the risks and incidents are handled and documented immediately with Tervene. The health and safety team can then prioritize issues and manage the resulting corrective actions.

It’s clear that Tervene greatly helps us to manage our daily health and safety tasks.

Yannick Lévesque, Production Manager

When we do our health and safety audits, the platform ensures we can rapidly capture information and respond accordingly.

Martin Lessard, Quality Manager



Benefits of a Digital Management Platform for Canimex

Digitizing their daily management system is one of the many digital transition initiatives launched by the Torque Force Division. Since digitizing its daily management, the company has identified multiple benefits:  

 Easier communication between team members and other departments

 Improved collaboration and faster problem resolution

 Centralized information and real-time access

 Fewer retranscription and paper documents to maintain 


We don’t need lots of different software because everyone uses the same tool. It’s great, it’s amazing, it’s working out really well.

Ludovic Bergeron, Assembly Supervisor


About Canimex Torque Force Division

Located in Drummondville, the Canimex Torque Force Division designs, manufactures, sources and supplies quality components to manufacturers of access systems and residential, commercial , and industrial rolling doors. The division operates its own aluminum foundry and supplies die-cast solutions for the recreational, electrical , and automotive sectors. With its large network of warehouses, the company can serve customers all over the world.

Tervene’s Daily Management System

​Our daily management system empowers frontline teams and top management to reach operational excellence with stronger daily control, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and improvement processes.

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