Modernizing Audits, IPAC Inspections, and Action Tracking at Granby Long-Term Care Home

The Santé Nadon Group specializes in the management of long-term care homes. The family business currently manages five long-term care homes in the Laval and Montérégie regions.

Over the years, the group has focused on continuous improvement to provide high-quality care and services, compliance with regulations, and a pleasant living environment for its residents. The staff’s expertise is centered on the well-being of residents and their loved ones.

Our mission is to offer residents high-quality care and services, a safe living environment, and assistance for their medical needs as well as daily needs.

Noémis Bélanger, Operations Director

Initial Challenges

To support their operations, each healthcare establishment must conduct audits, management committees and improvement plans. Over the last two years, COVID-19 has increased pressure on quality control in all establishments in Quebec.

Audits and control procedures dramatically increase the workload for managers. Paper-based forms, follow-up emails and Excel spreadsheets are a significant administrative burden. Management therefore sometimes lacks visibility.

At the Granby long-term care home, forms were previously paper-based and attached to policies. “Simply collecting and analyzing data was burdensome, and continuous improvement became daunting,” says Noémis Bélanger, Operations Manager. For Noémis, migrating to digital was crucial for providing her team with the best tools and ensuring improved services for residents.

Maintaining a management system required a lot of effort.

Noémis Bélanger, Operations Director


More Agile Managers Thanks to the Tervene Platform

The group’s president, Perry Nadon, offered his support for launching the project in the Granby, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Sainte-Catherine long-term care homes. The main goal was to support the team’s expertise in offering high-quality services to residents.

To streamline the management system, audits and continuous improvement, the Santé Nadon Group rolled out the Tervene platform in three long-term care homes.

Standards audits and IPAC inspections

The company digitized forms used for standards audits, infection prevention and control (IPAC) inspections, and care quality control. By performing audits on tablets, it is easier to keep a record of results and view audit reports. Thanks to digital, “we can do audits we could only dream of before. Our audit and quality control program has now grown,” says Noémis.

The quality control team now conducts a range of audits digitally:

With Tervene, we can conduct audits on a tablet, record the results and handle any non-compliance.

Noémis Bélanger, Operations Director


Meeting schedule and audit planning

The calendar helps managers in their daily task of planning audits. Every month, the team carries out over 60 inspections and audits digitally. Previously, clinical nurse Sara could perform 50% of the audits planned per year. Now it’s 100%, which means she is never behind schedule.

“We have a huge number of control, quality and safety tasks, which must be performed at different frequencies. It’s a major challenge in our field. Over the years we have developed a schedule for our audits,” says Noémis.

The tool is also used to plan regular meetings, namely 17 management committees that are coordinated using Tervene within the establishment.


Meetings and management committees

It is now faster for the teams to organize management committees, coordinate meetings and view the minutes. As Noémis says: “The tool makes meetings more efficient and organizing them easier.”

In preparation for being accredited by Accreditation Canada, the team currently holds three meetings per week to coordinate standards compliance.

It makes preparation easier. We have common tools, and we can track tasks that result from meetings. That reduces the manager’s workload.

Noémis Bélanger, Operations Director


Corrective action and action plan follow-up

With Tervene, the team can document problems identified and escalate them to the appropriate person. Actions resulting from audits can be directly shared on the meeting agenda and assigned to tasks.

When non-compliance is well documented, “it helps the management committee make decisions so we can prioritize improvements,” says Noémis. In short, the tool helps staff put forward recommendations and follow up on corrective actions and action plans.

Tervene greatly helps with decision-making and prioritization. You can choose what you want to improve with full visibility.

Noémis Bélanger, Operations Director

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The Benefits of Digital for Long-Term Care Homes

The team members and staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and concerned with the well-being of residents and their loved ones. With good management tools, the team continues to support the expertise of Santé Nadon Group.

A user-friendly way to perform audits and inspections

 Rapid reporting of audit results for analysis

 Easy preparation for management committees and minutes tracking

 Corrective action management and opportunity prioritization

It relieves a lot of the pressure on quality control teams. It can provide them with a tool that saves them time and makes auditing easier.


Tangible Results

 Over 420 standards audits and inspections performed with the platform

 Over 60 inspection audits performed every month digitally

 17 management committees organized digitally

 15 new audit forms have been created and more are planned for autumn

 4x faster at compiling the results of audits and inspections


About Tervene

Tervene is a digital platform that helps simplify audits of your processes, speeds up problem resolution and reduces your administrative workload. Our management tools enable your team to successfully fulfill your mission for residents.

Managers and professionals in care facilities adopt Tervene to:

➊ Perform infection prevention and control (IPAC) and care quality inspections

➋ Digitize problem resolution and escalation

➌ Track corrective actions and action plans more easily

➍ Facilitate meetings and management committees

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