Use Cases

How Industry Leaders Use Tervene

Our all-in-one platform supports your daily management, leader standard work, continuous improvement, and QEHS processes.

You will have better tools to standardize routines, perform mobile checklists, collaborate seamlessly, and track performance.

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We work more as a team and less in silos, and we collaborate more on resolving issues.

Stéphane Bérubé
Production Director, Marquis Book Printing

Daily Management

Ease daily management and strengthen operational control. Document and solve issues faster with support groups.

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Leader Standard Work

Schedule management activities, create standard checklist forms, monitor management behaviors, and promote proactive supervision.

See leader standard work capabilities

Mobile Audits and Inspections

Build your custom checklists and digitalize any audit forms. Conduct inspections where it matters with devices you already use.

See audits and inspections capabilities


Gemba Walks and Checklists

Standardize gemba walks and issue resolution across your organization. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, use proactive supervision to identify and solve issues more efficiently.

See checklists capabilities

Meetings, Daily Huddles and Communication

Schedule, organize and run better meetings. Streamline communication across all tiers and teams.

See meetings and communication capabilities


Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement

Solve issues faster and manage improvement projects. Break up the silos and involve everyone in continuous improvement.

See problem-solving and CI capabilities

Health and Safety Management

Mitigate risks, reduce work incidents, and promote safety prevention.

See health and safety capabilities


Quality and Compliance Assessment

Ace your quality audits and ensure regulatory compliance across your organization.

See Quality and Compliance capabilities

If you believe in the Daily Management System philosophy, Tervene is the best tool to achieve it.

Eric Bouchard
General Manager - Marquis Livre

Using Tervene enables us to separate the workload and to structure the cascade of information between the different levels of management.

Rémi Boileau
Improvement Specialist - Hason Steel

We would never go back. In terms of organization, some things did not exist before, and Tervene helped implement and structure them.

Charles Bommersbach
Continuous Improvement Manager

Having a defined standard helped us streamline new manager onboarding.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operations Director

You can escalate a problem to several management levels while keeping track of its progress.

Philippe Fuchs
Operational Excellence Manager

As supervisors, we must do between 3 to 4 Gemba walks per week and two lockout audits.

Gilbert Larocque
EHS Coordinator

Tervene has made it possible to improve communication between departments and that feedback and deviations from the field are taken care of by the concerned services.

Jérôme Ranquet
General Manager at Meritor