Marquis Standardizes Daily Operations Management in its Three Plants

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Why Marquis Book Printing chose Tervene to empower its supervisors, support departments and management at three manufacturing sites?

Structuring the Leader’s Standard Work

Since 2019, the digital tool Tervene has been helping supervisors and managers carry out their daily work at Marquis. The company has standardized multiple scheduled management responsibilities: audits, inspections, meetings and Gemba walks. With Tervene, supervisors perform their tasks in collaboration with the support departments and senior management.

It adds structure to my workday as a manager.

Stéphane Bérubé, Production Director

Facilitating Quality Assurance

The digital tool helps the teams at Marquis to carry out audits, track non-compliance and conduct quality assurance meetings. To date, Marquis Book Printing has performed over 3,300 audits and inspections with the platform. Quality issues are addressed during the daily production meeting every morning. Tervene facilitates collaboration between the supervisors and quality assurance leads.

In the quality assurance department, we use Tervene every day. It helps us identify production problems.

Maryse Frappier, Quality Team Lead


Improving Communication and Problem Solving

When there is a problem on the production floor, the supervisor addresses it and can quickly escalate it to the appropriate level. Through meetings and task management, support teams and supervisors collaborate effectively by having access to the problem history. Marquis has therefore been able to make decisions and solve problems much faster.

Tervene really helps us to escalate issues and action items that are raised. It helps employees stay informed about any decisions taken.

Nicolas Huard, VP Operations

Standardizing Management Tools Between Sites

Marquis Book Printing senior management wanted to standardize daily management at its three manufacturing sites. Supervision requirements and problem-solving procedures are similar between the Montmagny, Louiseville and Toronto plants. Tervene was chosen as the tool for daily management operations. According to Nicolas Huard, VP of Operations, Tervene helps to integrate supervisors at the different sites and provides high visibility for management between the sites.

Tervene allows me to support all team members across the two plants.

Eric Bouchard, General Manager


Leveraging the Benefits of Digital

A management platform like Tervene eliminates administrative burden and reduces the transcription associated with forms, planning meetings and compiling reports. According to Eric Bouchard, General Manager of Marquis, digital solutions help to speed up decision-making and resolve issues in the field.

Before Tervene, we used paper and we had to update documents before each meeting. The big benefit of digital is that we all have access to it at all times. For me, this means I can see what’s happening in the three plants without actually physically being there.

Eric Bouchard, General Manager

About Marquis Book Printing

Marquis Book Printing is a leading Canadian book printer and serves over 3,000 clients across the various publishing markets in Canada, the United States and Europe. The company has three manufacturing sites in Canada, close to 600 employees and 375,000 ft.2 of production space.

Tervene’s Daily Management System

​Our daily management system empowers frontline teams and top management to reach operational excellence with stronger daily control, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and improvement processes.

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