Features Overview

Digitalize your management system and increase best practice adherence and efficiency.

Why Tervene?

Standardize your management practices


Increase ownership and adherence to management best practices


Gain visibility on your management health


Connect your team in a mobile and paperless environment

Knowledge management

Retain & share knowledge

Make sure everyone has access to a relevant, up to date and dynamic knowledge base at their fingertips.

See knowledge center
Create and update your knowledge faster.
Easily create, import and digitalize procedures in a centralized and searchable library. Use mobile devices to document processes on the field.
Ensure your people have access to the knowledge they need.
Access photos, videos, tables, lists and documents on any device, anywhere.
Keep your information relevant and up to date with process health indicators.
Use dashboards & reports on knowledge consultations to drive how you update and create more content. Make sure knowledge is used and useful.

Conduct inspections

Improve compliance with any process, standard or behaviour.

See audit module
Create custom audit forms.
Digitalize any audit form with various question types: Text questions, Checkboxes, Multiple Choices, Photos and more. Make a field mandatory to ensure rigorous inspections.
Conduct inspections where it matters.
Simply select your audit, inspect the standard and document noncompliances with pictures and comments.

Conduct inspections with the devices you already use.
Make sure auditors always work with the most updated form version.
Take action on non-compliances.
Enable process owners to set corrective actions on non-compliances with tasks and action plans.
Follow up on actions and ensure process compliance.
Ensure audits completion and keep track of the process compliance trends with centralized dashboards.

Control operations

Control your daily operations and ensure everything goes according to plan.

See gemba walk module
Create your operational control standard.
Build standard gemba walk checklists designed to improve operational control.
Proactively identify issues.
Empower managers to identify issues proactively with gemba walks. Document issues thoroughly with photos, text and issue categorization.
Ensure managers take ownership of every issue.
Make sure managers address every issue quickly and efficiently. Transform recurring issues into improvement ideas. Communicate critical issues in the right meeting in a single click.
Track issues and continuously improve operational control.
Leverage data and dashboards to drive manager coaching, continuous improvement prioritization, gemba walk checklist updates and resource allocation.

Run better meetings

Maximize collaboration in critical problem-solving.

See meeting module
Create your meeting agenda in collaboration with other participants.
Feed your meetings with tasks and issues already in the system. Transfer unsolved meeting subjects from previous meetings. Add photos, videos, files and descriptions to help other participants understand the context.
Discuss meeting subjects & document meeting minutes.
Use the prepopulated agenda to do what meetings are for: solving problems and making decisions.
Assign tasks.
Set due dates and assign an owner to meeting subjects.
Track tasks and meeting subjects.
Never forget to follow up on a task again with an overview of completed and incomplete tasks from previous meetings.

Get tasks done

Deliver tasks on time. Ensure delegated tasks come with the context needed to solve them efficiently.

See task manager
Create and send documented tasks.
Convert an issue identified in meetings, gemba walks or audits into a task. All the relevant information will follow and appear in the task manager.
Or create detailed tasks from scratch and send them out to anyone in your organization.

Centralize everyone's work in one system and gain visibility over your team members' workload.
Follow up on tasks.
Forget email follow-ups. Use the followed tasks view to see all the tasks you want to keep an eye on.

Manage improvement

Ensure continuous improvement to meet your strategic objectives.

See improvement manager
Capture opportunities from recurring issues.
Use issues from audits and gemba walks to generate ideas for improvement. Link pictures, log relevant information and impacts.
Prioritize opportunities based on company strategic objectives.
Use filters and algorithm-based opportunity scoring to prioritize improvement opportunities and decide which one to implement.
Launch action plans in a simple, engaging interface.
Create detailed action plans and ensure every step has an owner. Engage your team in improving every day.
Drive action plans to their finish line.
Track action plan progress and ensure they deliver the expected results.