Run better meetings

Collaborate before, during and after your meetings in a connected ecosystem. Share the meeting agenda, make decisions and ensure each task has a clear owner and due date.


Standardize meetings across your factory.


Ensure ownership and accountability by linking tasks to meeting subjects.


Gain visibility over meeting minutes, performance and relevancy.


Connect your teams in a centralized and collaborative meeting system.

Tervene is very useful in managing recurring meetings and their resulting tasks. The ability to transfer tasks from a meeting to another allows for tracking critical tasks collectively.

Aurore D.
Human Resources Director - Fortal
Optimize your time spent in meeting
less time needed to prepare and conduct a meeting
daily meetings standardized on average per manufacturer
of meeting discussion subjects originate from gemba walks & audits.

Meeting Manager

Maximize collaboration in critical problem-solving.

Create your meeting agenda in collaboration with other participants.
Feed your meetings with tasks and issues already in the system. Transfer unsolved meeting subjects from previous meetings. Add photos, videos, files and descriptions to help other participants understand the context.
Discuss meeting subjects & document meeting minutes.
Use the prepopulated agenda to do what meetings are for: solving problems and making decisions.
Assign tasks.
Set due dates and assign an owner to meeting subjects.
Track tasks and meeting subjects.
Never forget to follow up on a task again with an overview of completed and incomplete tasks from previous meetings.
Standardize any meeting
From single to multidisciplinary meetings, ensure your teams collaborate to reach their full potential.
Quality insurance meeting
Continuous Improvement
Improvement meeting
Board meeting
Governance meeting
1+1 meeting
Production meeting
Daily management meeting
Kickoff meeting
Shift handover
Short Interval Management (SIM)
Planning meeting
Tiered meetings
~85 min
Sharing the agenda
5 min
The meeting owner builds the agenda and distributes it to the participants
Preparing the meeting
10 min
Gathering meeting points from participants before the meeting and untreated points from previous meetings
Discussing points in the meeting
40 min
Discussing topics from the agenda (or not), establishing corrective actions on handwritten notes, assigning a responsible person and due date.
Assigning tasks
5 min
Document and distribute the corrective actions through email or manually
Sharing the minutes from the meeting
5 min
Generate and share the minutes
Tracking actions
20 min
Track actions with every stakeholder and manually update action plan files
Supported by Tervene
~30 min
Preparing the meeting
5 min
Collaborative Preparation of the agenda from new topics, unresolved topics from previous meetings and floor issues already in Tervene
Discussing points in the meeting and assigning tasks
20 min
Discussion of meeting topics, establish corrective actions and assign a responsible person and a due date
Discussing points in the meeting
5 min
Track progress of corrective actions