Manage improvement

Reach your strategic objectives by centralizing your improvement opportunities and action plans. Use recurring issues from gemba walks or audits to feed your improvement system.


Standardize the way you identify and log improvement opportunities


Have leaders take ownership of the improvement in their department.


Gain visibility on your action plans progress and individual contribution from everyone.


Increase collaboration with a connected and centralized system to manage all your improvement.

Our main challenge was the detection and management of improvement opportunities. We wanted a tool to help us streamline this process.

It is much easier to detect, centralize and prioritize our improvement opportunities with Tervene than with our previous method.

René Marcoux
VP - JIT Laser
Improve what matters
less time needed to log an opportunity and create an action plan
improvement opportunities created per manager per month on average
more time spent on improvement

Improvement Manager

Ensure continuous improvement to meet your strategic objectives.

Capture opportunities from recurring issues.
Use issues from audits and gemba walks to generate ideas for improvement. Link pictures, log relevant information and impacts.
Prioritize opportunities based on company strategic objectives.
Leverage filters and algorithm-based opportunity scoring to prioritize improvement opportunities and decide which one to implement.
Launch action plans in a simple, engaging interface.
Create detailed action plans and ensure every step has an owner. Engage your team in improving every day.
Drive action plans to their finish line.
Track action plan progress and ensure they deliver the expected results.
Your improvement system, digitalized.
Whether you use frequent waste tour, brainstorming, suggestion box, or data analysis to come up with improvement ideas, ensure everyone works at improving what matters most with Tervene
Continuous Improvement
Document improvement opportunities
Continuous Improvement
Prioritize opportunities
Continuous Improvement
Build action plans
Continuous Improvement
Track action plans
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
A3 problem-solving
~150 min
Collect improvement leads
5 min
Collect improvement opportunities in a suggestion box
Transcribe opportunities
20 min
Transcribe selected ideas in an Excel file (or other)
Prioritize opportunities
30 min
Document and prioritize ideas according to their impacts, costs, needed efforts, etc.
Analyze root causes
45 min
Identify root causes of selected improvement ideas and create an action plan
Create an action plan
20 min
Assign tasks by email, SMS or in an Excel file
Track actions
30 min
Update and track action plans
Supported by Tervene
~60 min
Select and prioritize opportunities
10 min
Pick the most impactful opportunities from recurring floor issues
Analyze and create action plans
45 min
Identify root causes of selected improvement ideas and create action plans
Track actions
5 min
Track actions in Tervene