Get tasks done

Post-it notes, emails and disconnected task managers; it's now all in the past! Deliver tasks on time and ensure they come with the context needed to solve them efficiently.


Standardize how tasks are organized and delegated


Create a culture of ownership with task progress notifications, dashboards and followed tasks view


Keep an eye on critical tasks and gain visibility on your team's workload


Easily delegate and collaborate in a centralized task manager for everyone in your organization

Tervene helps us to escalate our problems and to affect them to the right people to solve them.

Remy C.
Quality Manager - Fortal
Fewer emails, more tasks completed.
less time needed to send out a task
of tasks solved on time

Task Manager

Deliver tasks on time. Ensure delegated tasks come with the context needed to solve them efficiently.

Create and send documented tasks.
Convert an issue identified in meetings, gemba walks or audits into a task. All the relevant information will follow and appear in the task manager. Or create detailed tasks from scratch and send them out to anyone in your organization. Centralize everyone's work in one system and gain visibility over your team members' workload.
Follow up on tasks.
Forget email follow-ups. Use the followed tasks view to see all the tasks you want to keep an eye on.
Ensure work gets organized and tasks get done
Get a clear overview of everything that needs to be done and never lose track of an important task.
Manage task workload
Follow up on tasks you sent out
Get organized
Continuous Improvement
Manage complex projects
~30 min
Identifying tasks to execute
10 min
Identify tasks in notepad, emails, SMS, post-it and make a list of tasks to execute
Prioritizing tasks
5 min
Prioritize multiple tasks according to the delivery date
Executing tasks
5 min
Execute tasks
Update and feedback
10 min
Give feedback to task initiator and update the system
Supported by Tervene
~17 min
Plan tasks to execute
2 min
Consult your task manager
Execute task and update
15 min
Execute a task and update the status in Tervene