Why Tervene?

Lay the foundation for your digital transition.

Promote better operational control, accelerated problem resolution and more efficient collaboration.


Standardize your management processes


Increase ownership and adherence to management best practices


Gain visibility on your management health


Connect your team in a mobile and paperless environment

What's in it for you?

VP Operations

  • Standardize management processes across all plants
  • Promote ownership at every management level
  • Track each plant's management health
  • Connect your teams

Plant Manager

  • Standardize management processes across all departments.
  • Promote ownership.
  • Track your plant's management health.
  • Break silos and ensure better communication between departments.

Production Manager

  • Standardize your managers' management processes.
  • Promote autonomy and ownership by your managers.
  • Track production management indicators.
  • Break silos and ensure better communication between production and support departments.

Improvement Manager

  • Continuously gather improvement opportunities directly from the floor.
  • Gain visibility over recurring issues and waste.
  • Launch improvement action plans in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Quality manager

  • Inspect, take action and track progress in one solution.
  • Promote accountability.
  • Simultaneously update audit forms for everyone.

Health & Safety manager

  • Standardize H&S measures.
  • Ensure compliance and accountability.
  • Gain visibility over incidents and accidents.
  • Track corrective actions.

IT manager

  • Secure by design.
  • Easy to deploy cloud solution. Six tools in one solution.
  • 2FA and SSO available. Multi-devices: tablet, phone, desktop.
  • Powerful & secure API.

Standardize your management processes

Make sure every manager knows and follows your company's management standards.

Without Tervene

Managers struggle to standardize management practices conducted on paper or disconnected systems.

With Tervene

Faster adoption and better adherence to your organization management standards.


Increase ownership and adherence

Empower managers to support their team and improve the processes they are responsible for.

Set quantifiable and qualifiable goals for management practices.

Without Tervene

Low visibility and heavy administrative workload lead to low adherence to management best practices.

With Tervene

Every month, manufacturers using Tervene standardize 22% more management practices than the month before.


Gain visibility

Get real-time visibility over:

• Management practices
• Issues
• Actions & tasks
• Process compliance
• Procedure consultations

Always find what you're looking for with powerful dashboards, search functions and filters.

Without Tervene

Manually collect, aggregate and transcribe data into spreadsheets to get a partial view of the whole picture.

With Tervene

Gain insight on your management practices, dive down, coach your team and track improvements.


Connect your team

Managers who use digital tools to perform their management practices are more proactive and support their team better.

Give your managers the tools they need to optimize their team's value creation.

Tervene helped us break silos between departments and increase implication from support groups.

Melina Lefebvre
Operation Director - Lumenpulse