Retain & share knowledge

Your business' know-how is one of your most valuable assets. You can't afford to let it reside in your peoples' head, in rarely consulted manuals or an obsolete standalone system. Retain and share knowledge with Tervene's Knowledge Center.


Make knowledge and standards accessible to your whole organization


Ensure processes owners continuously generate and update the knowledge library


Gain visibility on knowledge consultations and update trends to improve its relevance


Connect your team's knowledge in a centralized library

Having a defined standard helped us streamline new manager onboarding.

Marie-Anne Côté
Operation Director - IPL
Make your knowledge work for you.
quicker to create a standard operating procedure
15 ways
to format knowledge, including video, image, text, list, table and more.
Knowledge management

Knowledge Center

Make sure everyone has access to relevant, up to date and dynamic information at their fingertips.

Create and update your knowledge faster.
Easily create, import and digitalize procedures in a centralized and searchable library. Use mobile devices to document processes on the field.
Ensure your people have access to relevant knowledge needed for their work.
Access photos, videos, tables, lists and documents on any device, anywhere.
Keep your information relevant and up to date with process health indicators.
Use dashboards & reports on knowledge consultations to drive how you update and create more content. Make sure knowledge is used and useful.
Make any process or standard known and available
Get rid of binders and rarely consulted paper-based processes to document troubleshooting, setup and best practices.
Training procedures
Employee onboarding
Work instructions
Best practices
Operational procedure
Setup (SMED)
Preventive maintenance
EHS measures
~215 min
Gathering the info to document
50 min
Compile pertinent info to include in the procedure
 (note-taking, pictures)
Document the procedure
30 min
Document the procedure in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
Distribute the documented procedure
45 min
Print and include in every manual of every affected workstation
Communicate to employee
30 min
Instruct every operator of the affected workstation that the procedure was updated
Validate outcome
60 min
Follow-up with operators that the new procedure is known and that they are proficient
Supported by Tervene
~45 min
Document the procedure
40 min
Document the procedure in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
Validate outcome
5 min
Follow-up with operators that the new procedure is known and that they are proficient