Introducing Tervene 2.0

Tervene Unveils Its New Platform to Help Manufacturers with Daily Management and Performance Improvement

Version 2.0 of the software standardizes management processes and accelerates digital transformation in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

MONTREAL, October 12, 2023 / Tervene, a Canadian technology company offering a daily management solution, unveils the latest version of its platform, featuring enhanced performance, user-friendliness, and flexibility. The application allows manufacturing companies to standardize their management processes and improve operational performance.

Having accumulated several years of experience in software development and consulting, Tervene reveals an upgraded version of its platform: Tervene. 2.0. Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers, Tervene offers an easy-to-use tool to help management, team leaders, supervisors, and support teams in manufacturing companies.

The software supports the digital transformation of company management processes: leader standard work, operational control, process audits, workplace inspections, daily huddles, health and safety prevention, quality control, problem-solving, action plan management, and continuous improvement projects.

“Our new version solidifies our offering on the international market. We’ve developed an all-in-one solution to help manufacturers with their digital transformation,” explains Lucas Grenier, CEO and co-founder of Tervene.

“We’ve pooled our years of experience and our customers’ ideas to develop an application that’s easy to use, secure, and, above all, flexible enough to adapt to any business management standards,” adds Simon Rouillier, vice president and co-founder of Tervene.

Flexible, customizable features

With version 2.0, the software provides even more configuration options to suit the management standards of different industries and the realities of companies of all sizes.

Emphasis on Leader Standard Work

Tervene simplifies and standardizes the routines of team leaders, supervisors, and on-site managers. The new software version enables management to build daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Tools for on-site and office teams

The new software version extends its scope beyond operations and production. Several support positions can now use Tervene for project and task management: administration, human resources, marketing, sales, engineering, processes, and R&D.

In order to pursue Tervene’s mission, the app introduces a range of benefits to enhance operations and processes:

About Tervene

Tervene standardizes and simplifies organizations’ Daily Management System (DMS). Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers, the management software supports operational control, leader standard work, problem-solving, continuous improvement, and QHSE process management.

Tervene gives supervisors, managers, and support teams a user-friendly management tool tailored to the manufacturing industry. Businesses and international organizations of all sizes choose Tervene to drive their teams toward operational excellence and eliminate red tape.

Learn how Tervene can help you with the digital transition of your daily management system and improve your operational performance.

Information: Charles-Olivier Bisson, Tervene,

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