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The world's first Gemba Walk app

Tervene is a full Daily Management System (DMS)

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We transform teams into improvement engines

Tervene is the world's first Team Improvement App. It provides front-line managers with the tools to identify and manage improvements while giving unprecedented visibility of all supervision activities and improvement plans.

Gain a competitive edge through systematic management of operations and improvement plans.

Enable managers to proactively control operations.
Involve your managers in the improvement process.
Discover Tervene

Testimony and results of the Tervene project at Zodiac Aerospace in Montreal.

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Control operations with our management tools
Identify improvement opportunities
Transform opportunities into improvement

Real-Time application of proactive measures

Gemba walk that improve productivity from the very moment data is entered.

Average implementation generates a 15% increase in productivity.

Drive your managers to deliver company vision

Our bottom-up and top-down approach turns every level of the company into an improvement engine!

Why Tervene ?

Empower members at every level of the organization, contributing to the achievement of successful action plans.

Seamless integration generates value from the very first days.

Developed by a team specialized in business intelligence and security management.


Waste management and improvement opportunities leveraged at every level from the line of production to the management.


Identify, document and immediately solve issues from every department.


Role-based operational execution to lead systemic inspections and reporting processes.


Cloud-based, easy to use and accessible from all platforms solution that empowers the data collected from the workforce.


Identify, document and immediately solve issues from every department.


Manage construction projects remotely with a real-time vision on operations and needs on each site and for each team.

Several consulting firms trust our solution for their clients

Groupe Progim F2P GICS Solutions Inc. Précicom Apple

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