NEW: Tervene Now Available on iPhone & Android Devices

What’s New?

In order to increase Tervene’s accessibility, our Connected Management System is now available on mobile and Android devices. In other words, workers and managers can perform Gemba Walks and audits with their smartphones.

Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Apple: App Store

Android: Google Play Store

Microsoft: Microsoft Store

Web Browser

What Does It Mean?

Management practices and Tervene’s solution are now faster and easier to deploy.

Workers can leverage the devices they already use, which leads to faster and stronger adoption of new management practices.

Managers and directors have better access to information at their fingerprints, which improves access to issues, actions & tasks, process compliance, procedure consultations and more.

Tervene’s solution combines six tools in a connected system, now accessible on various devices.

Organizations leverage Tervene to reach operational excellence. We expanded the accessibility of our application to adapt to the various technological needs of our customers. Increasing mobility is key when it comes to a successful management structure.

Lucas Grenier, CEO at Tervene

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