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What's Inside?

Our Gemba Walk Ebook 

answers all your questions: 

  • What is a Gemba Walk?
  • Why perform Gemba Walks?
  • How to implement Gemba Walks in your organization?
  • How to perform effective Gemba Walks?


  • A standard schedule for Gemba Walks.
  • 2 Gemba Walk templates.
  • How to digitize Gemba Walks.

Who's Tervene?

See our Mobile Gemba Walk Solution

Implementing a complete Gemba Walk structure that lasts through time can be complex.


Process inspection 
& operational control

& problem solving

Why we wrote this ebook?


Learning Center

Task Manager



We know how complex it can be.

We offer a connected Gemba Walk Software and implement it in factories. 

All-in-One connected plateform supporting 

  • Knowledge management
  • Process inspection & operational control
  • Communication & problem solving

One of the 6 connected tools is a Gemba Walk app.

  • Standardize your management structure
  • Increase ownership & adherence
  • Gain visibility over your structure
  • Go paperless & connect your team

Gemba Walk

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