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What we offer

At Tervene, we are developing the world’s first improvement engine designed to improve team performance.

In a fast-paced world, continuous improvement determines which business succeeds and which fails.

Our app and training programs offer a structure that maximizes team effectiveness.

We empower first-line managers to find and communicate recurring issues and thus to become drivers of change in the workplace.

We enable leaders to do three things:

Control operations
Find improvement opportunities
Convert opportunities into successful action plans

Why Tervene?

Our management tools and training program bring value to your business quickly.
Tervene’s solution  is easier to implement and maintain than a paper-trail system.
We have a short and simple implementation process.  Remember that last ERP?... We’re not like that.
Our SaaS (Software as a Solution) business model ensures that we have your long-term interest at heart.

You don’t buy the app, you rent it from us. If you’re not satisfied by our services you can quit, no extra charge, no risk!
We constantly improve our tools and training based on our experience with thousands of users. You benefit from that insight and always get what’s best!


Gemba walk

The Gemba walk is a routine inspection of each work unit designed to eliminate potential issues proactively.

Our Gemba walk tool displays custom checklists used by first-level managers to discover and prevent issues. Problems identified are documented with text and photos and end up into the manager’s report to be resolved later in order of priority.

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The improvement tool is where the magic happens. This is where all a company’s issues are collected and analysed.

The software helps directors sort through opportunities identified at every level and choose which one is the most important to tackle.

The integrated project management and task management platform helps to make improvement projects seamless to implement.

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The task manager

The Tervene Task Manager gives you real-time visibility on all of yours and your team leaders’ tasks.

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The meeting tool helps managers create meeting templates, manage collaboration towards meeting plans and makes sure no point discussed goes unaddressed.

All users can be given access to meetings and add points to discuss. All talking points are then resolved, or sent to a team member as a task.

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Training program

Tervene has a user training program that helps you create and maintain the best management habits.

Our partners give your leaders on-site training so they don't need to stop working.

Tervene Level 1 Feed the improvement engine

Teach your floor-level managers leadership and supervision skills.

Control operations proactively
Find opportunities for improvement
Contribute to improvement projects
Tervene Level 2 Keep the improvement engine running

Train your middle-managers to enable and encourage their teams’ contribution to the improvement engine.

Create commitment of personnel to Tervene
Structure operations control
Generate durable improvement

Certified Partners

At Tervene, we work with certified partners to deliver the best training experience to our clients.

Always at the forefront with its clients and partners, Tervene is constantly developing cutting edge modules.

Improvement is at the heart of our company culture and we improve our app based on contributions from everyone using it. Our partner are leadership and continuous improvement specialists. They will guide you through your Tervene project.

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