Food and Beverage

Control daily operations and streamline your QEHS processes

Tervene is the all-in-one platform that supports your daily management and QEHS processes.

Food and beverage manufacturers choose Tervene to control daily operations, streamline quality control, ensure industry compliance and maintain a safer work environment.

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Food manufacturing leaders use Tervene

Tervene allows us to better organize and monitor our issues. It’s also an excellent way to communicate and share information.

Sarah Colliez
Quality Manager
Daily Management System_Tervene Daily Management System_Tervene

Top Use Cases

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Build your custom checklists and digitalize any audit forms (SQF Audit, HACCP Inspection, Good Manufacturing Practice Audit (GMP), Weekly Hygiene and Sanitation Inspection).


Audit your processes and conduct mobile inspections with ease. Set corrective actions and assign tasks directly from the audit reports.

Schedule and run better meetings across your organization. Handle issues, make decisions, set due dates, and assign an owner to meeting subjects.


Establish clear communication channels and escalate information between team leaders, middle-manager, and top-level management.

Ensure workplace safety and support your prevention program.


Mitigate risks, reduce work incidents, and promote safety prevention at the forefront of daily operations.

Break down the silos and streamline collaboration between managers, and support groups to set preventive and corrective actions.


Launch action plans, and track corrective actions in a simple, engaging interface.


Gain deeper insights into the root causes of issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

Ace your quality audits and ensure industry compliance across your organization. Get real-time visibility on audit reports, non-conformances, action plans, and standards compliance dashboards.

Empower your teams with modern management tools
Tervene helps you improve and standardize your management processes.
Audits & Inspections
Gemba Walk & Checklists
Meetings & Huddles
Tasks & Action Plan
Continuous Improvement
Corrective Actions

Structure the leaders' daily and weekly routines

Standardize your front-line manager’s work with Tervene. The calendar lets you schedule your organization or industry’s most crucial management activities.

View management activities in various formats, including daily, weekly, and monthly views. Provide reminders for upcoming inspections, checklists, meetings, tasks, and Gemba Walks to ensure leaders stay on top of their management schedules.

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My calendar Today
8 AM
Kickoff Stand-up Meeting - 15 min.
9 AM
Good Manufacturing Practice Audit (GMP)
10 AM
Daily Production Meeting - 30 min.
11 AM
12 PM
1 PM
Weekly Gemba Walk - 20 min.
2 PM
Behaviour-Based Safety Checklist (BBS)
3 PM
4 PM
Weekly Hygiene and Sanitation Inspection
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Director of Operations

Production Manager

Maintenance Team Lead

Safety Manager

Frontline Operator

Quality Manager

Supervisor and Team Leader

Collaborate seamlessly across all tiers and teams

Streamline your bottom-up and top-down communication with Tervene. Involve the right management level to support decision-making, from team leaders and managers to top management.

Break down the silos between support groups and supervisors. All teams can now collaborate in a connected workspace to handle issues, manage tasks, keep track of corrective actions, and follow up on action plans.

Lactalis' Success Story

Operating within a highly regulated industry, Lactalis’s employees, supervisors, and managers must perform audits that follow a standard frequency and keep traces on corrective actions. The current audits performed with Tervene mainly focus on safety processes, quality and human resources. So far, more than 500 audits and inspections have been performed with Tervene.

Tervene allows us to better organize and monitor our issues. It’s also an excellent way to communicate and share information.

Sarah Colliez
Quality Manager
Discover Lactalis' success story

Tervene allows us to better organize and monitor our issues. It’s also an excellent way to communicate and share information.

Sarah Colliez
Quality Manager

As an EHS coordinator, Tervene helps me follow up on incidents and accidents.

Caroline Leduc
Senior Supervisor and EHS Coordinator

Say goodbye to outdated processes and tool fatigue. Welcome modern management.

The old way

Email, SMS, and printed documents.

  • Reactive management (firefighter mode) and unstructured supervision routines
  • Ineffective escalation mechanisms and difficult follow-up of corrective actions
  • Poor adherence to leader standard work
  • Lack of visibility on operational issues and management behaviours

Supported with Tervene

A digital, all-in-one solution

  • Structure your leaders' standard work and foster proactive supervision
  • Escalate your issues and information efficiently among management levels
  • Standardize your communication and problem-solving mechanism
  • Eliminate manual labor and administrative burden associated with updating dashboards
Results across teams
quicker to perform an audit
and address noncompliances
less time needed to log an opportunity
and create an action plan
more issues identified and solved
in the 6 first months of using Tervene

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