Daily Management System (DMS)

What is a Daily Management System (DMS)?

A Daily Management System, commonly referred to as DMS, is the structure by which organizations conduct operational management to ensure their day-to-day goes as planned and continuously improves. In other words, it encompasses all of the operational control activities, from the factory floor to the highest management levels.

In a typical context, supervisors perform regular gemba walks to ensure ongoing control over factors such as productivity, quality, health & safety and other needs. To ensure continuous compliance and improvement of established standards, audits are implemented and conducted regularly. Moreover, the communication structure ensures an effective information flow within the organization, enabling optimal collaboration in problem-solving.

Great communication structure → Effective communication flow
Effective communication flow → Optimal collaboration
Optimal collaboration → Faster and more efficient problem-solving

It is therefore possible to summarize all DMS-related activities into three categories:

Daily Management System in the 4.0 industry

In the past few years, everyone working in the manufacturing industry has heard of the famous 4.0 industry and the importance of not missing the boat. The fourth industrial revolution aims to connect pretty much any production involved elements. Tools, machines, CNCs, conveyor belts, robots and other types of equipment use sensors and connectors to enable the collection and analysis of its data. It’s even possible to connect things that weren’t conceived in the 4.0 era by adding smart modules.

However, in the digital transition race, one of the most critical production contributors is often forgotten: People. Where is their place in this ocean of data? How can we better coach supervisors and team leaders to embrace and leverage data, rather than being erased by it?

That’s where Tervene, the most powerful 4.0 Daily Management System, arises.

What is Tervene?

Tervene’s solution enables sustainable, healthy management behaviours. Digitalizing management activities is the best way to bring your daily management system in the 4.0 era and accelerate your digital transition.

Why digitalize your management system?

Standardize your management practices

Make sure every manager knows and follows your company’s management standards.

Digital standards enable a faster and more flexible management behaviours deployment.

Increase ownership and adherence to management best practices

Empower managers to support their team and improve the processes they oversee.

Set quantifiable and qualifiable goals for management practices.

Gain visibility over management practices

Get real-time visibility over:

• Management practices
• Issues and noncompliances
• Actions & tasks
• Process compliance
• Procedure consultations

Always find what you’re looking for with powerful dashboards, search functions and filters.

Connect your team in a paperless environment

Managers who use digital tools to perform their management practices are more proactive and support their team better.

Give your managers the tools they need to optimize their team’s value creation.

Digitalize your daily management system today

Request a free demo to learn how Tervene can support your quest for operational excellence.

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