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Discover the Gemba walk

Keep your production under control

The earlier a potential issue is detected the cheaper the solution. That’s why we think the Gemba walk so important.

Tervene’s Gemba walk helps you control your operations and identify opportunities for improvement with its management tools designed with first-line managers in mind.

The Gemba walk is Tervene’s preferred method for proactive supervision. With regular and rigorous Gemba walk you and your team keep control over your business at all times.

Choose from any work-center in your business.

How to carry out a Gemba walk?

You will verify 4 factors to ensure that your operations run seamlessly until the next one.
You will verify them directly or you will make sure that your team has verified them.

PO have all the required information

Product specifications clearly indicated

Procedures are available

Raw material available on-time

Pieces for assembly delivered to work unit

Tools available

Machines working at top capability

Procedures are available

Present on work station

Know and apply procedures

Have the required skill

Gemba walk are a regular occurrence, they should be conducted several times per day (3-5 times) and should always take place at the same time so workers know to prepare.

Verify the points on customized checklist to remain proactive.

Tervene will help you create the most efficientchecklist for your needs.

Document issues with text and photos.

You can even use the microphone; the tablet will write for you.

What happens without a Gemba walk?

If you don’t have a Gemba walk system in place, any of the 4 elements could create an issue and reduce your company's effectiveness. If they do, managers will stop acting proactively and start reacting to problems.

Why solve a problem you could have easily prevented in the first place?

When you're done your Gemba walk you can start another, or manage the issues you found.

This is an automatically generated report.
That’s where you can prioritise issues before you solve them or transfer them to a colleague.

Tervene’s contribution to the Gemba Walk

Keep your production under control

Tervene didn’t invent Gemba walk. They were a part of daily management best practice before our company was born. We digitized and streamlined the execution process of the Gemba walk so that it requires minimum effort and delivers maximum results.

With Tervene, no more sorting through or losing issue reports, no more retyping scribbled notes in an issue-tracking spreadsheet. This is a solution that will stick, not one you will get tired of using after a couple of weeks.

Ever tried digging a hole in the ground with your hands?

Tervene’s the shovel you’ve been praying for.

Ready for change? Stop reacting, start proacting

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