Digital Task Manager on the Factory Floor

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In this series, Management practices digitalization, we’ll explore the differences between traditional methodologies and Tervene’s approach to operations management. Discover how Tervene sets the table to a successful digital transition for task management.

Task Management in the Factory

In the manufacturing sector, issues and noncompliances are inevitable. Problem-solving through collaboration is part of the managers’ everyday life. To do so, efficient task management is required.


Generally, task management is done by mixing various disconnected tools, such as post-it notes, emails, phone calls or SMS.

Notice how tasks are traditionally managed in factories:

Managers using traditional tools to manage their tasks can’t keep an eye on delegated tasks progress and completion. Following-up is difficult or even impossible. Inevitably, some tasks won’t be completed on time.

Supported by Tervene

With digitalization, tasks are centralized in a single tool, which promotes better collaboration and accelerates problem-solving.

Digital tools enable task management standardization. As a result, it is possible to prioritize, assign and monitor tasks much more effectively. Using a standard tool, everyone within the organization can collaborate.

Here is how Tervene users manage tasks:

With Tervene, tasks come from issues and noncompliances detected on the floor, meetings or improvement projects.

Tasks management is standardized across the organization. Managers have real-time visibility on tasks completion and over their team members’ workload. Therefore, it increases accountability.


TraditionallyWith Tervene
Number of steps42
Duration (min)4017
Centralized task manager
Automated notifications
Consult colleagues task loads
Send tasks in a meeting
Followed tasks overview


For Manufacturers

Director, Manager, Supervisor

Tervene helps us to escalate our problems and to affect them to the right people to solve them.

Remy C., Quality Manager at Fortal

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