A. Richard adopts Tervene – The industry 4.0 Daily Management System

Daily Management System at A. Richard

If you have ever done renovation projects, it is very likely that the yellow and green wall finishing hand tools you used bore the inscription Richard, for A. Richard.

This January, with the aim of reducing reactivity to daily production problems, the company started implementing Tervene, a connected daily management system.

Richard, a history of quality.

Founded in 1890 in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, the company today has 180 employees.  A. Richard currently produces more than 1200 products, sold in 14 countries. A. Richard tools are recognized for their outstanding quality and unequalled ergonomics.

The challenges

Mathieu Massicotte, Director, Supply Chain at A. Richard, shared with us the various challenges his organization was facing.

Reactivity to problem

We recognized that certain problem situations occurred too often within our processes.  We conducted an investigation and perceived reactive approaches to these problems. Some supervisors were starting to be led off track by everyday problems. They were doing the best they could, without working on solving these problems in the long term.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

Improvement projects just waiting to happen

Some projects never got off the ground because time passed and they were forgotten. But there is major potential for improvement in waste reduction and standardization of work methods.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

Improving communication

In addition, an enormous amount of time is wasted in meetings, because the agenda often is not known in advance.  Several errors are due to poor communication between supervisors in different departments.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

The solution: Tervene – The industry 4.0 Daily Management System

To overcome these challenges, Mathieu and his team called on Tervene for training and a technological solution. He explained why they decided on Tervene.

Several tools in the same solution

The various modules offered by the Tervene solution will allow A. Richard to meet the above-mentioned challenges efficiently.

Tervene offers an application with modules to maximize the efficiency of gemba walks, an improvement project prioritization tool, a group and individual task manager that allows these tasks to be transferred to someone else at a meeting and and prioritized according to the company’s values, a module to prepare and plan audits, and a meeting management module.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

See all the modules offered by Tervene here.

Training geared to people

In addition, everything comes with training on how to use the modules and how to become a more efficient supervisor outside this application.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

The objective

The objective is to improve the efficiency of active supervision by working on what is really within the company’s control: working proactively, reducing waste and ensuring continuous follow-up of all possible and achieved improvements.

  • Mathieu Massicotte

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