Belanger Laminates improves its management practices

Belanger Laminates improves its internal communications and management practices with Tervene

In order to be more efficient in its competitive market, Belanger Laminates is now investing in its manpower and processes. As a result, the company is strengthening its leading position in manufacturing molded countertops through the implementation of Tervene’s well-proven Daily Management System.


We want to simplify our managers’ Gemba Walks, insure an effective information flow and maximize the gains arising from the collected information.

  • Simon, production director at Belanger Laminates

Project objectives

Tervene’s impact

Tervene is an ecosystem of tools designed to simplify Gemba walks, structure communications, insure problem prevention, enable seamless shift transfers and facilitate continuous improvement. With it, Belanger Laminates is able to eliminate paper Gemba walks and reduce the need for double entry of data as well as the difficulties arising from miscommunications between teams.

A few comments from Simon, Production Director at Belanger Laminates:


Management Framework

“Tervene gives managers a framework in the most difficult part of their jobs, it facilitates information and issues management.”

Gemba Walk efficiency

“It’s almost impossible for an issue to be forgotten or not be taken over anymore.”

Efficient follow-ups and information transfers

“By becoming more proactive and facilitating the information gathering in the Gemba Walks, Belanger Laminates envision a significant drop in daily management of operation costs.”

Increased quality and processes

“We’ll be able to increase our overall quality and reduce internal problematics.”

Project ROI

“To achieve breakeven in Tervene’s project, we needed to save 20 minutes per day per supervisor, which was easily exceeded. The benefits go way beyond that as it generates improvement and saves time across the whole organization.”

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Belanger Laminés, 58 years of expertise

Operating in the Canadian and the northeastern United States markets, Belanger Laminates is a leader in molded countertops, cabinet doors, and components with 58 years of experience. It’s 100 000 sq.ft. manufacturing plant in Boucherville employs more than 150 employees and produces 4 countertops every minute.

Bélanger Laminés

A word from Tervene’s team

Belanger’s fast adoption of Tervene enabled them to significantly improve the quality of their supervision, structure their communications and create an efficient problem solving culture. These elements empowered them to generate impressive productivity and product quality gains.

  • Anthony Lesage, Tervene

The onboarding was very fluid, Belanger already had a very strong and well organized management structure, Tervene brought it to a new level. Two weeks in, Belanger Laminates’ supervisors already saw the benefits of using Tervene’s solution in their daily activities and we saw important results and improvements from the project. The information feedback is now much more effective, issues can’t slip through anymore. Furthermore, Belanger’s workers feel valued in their work and benefit from the project just as well.

  • Julien Hébert, Tervene


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