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Produits Matra

Founded in 2000, Produits Matra transforms eastern white pine into construction materials for the North American market. The company invests heavily in improvement and innovation whether it’s technological (with computer vision), environmental (with recycling of water and lumber) or with human resources (with company values like continuous improvement, enthusiasm, engagement and accountability.)

Produits Matra chose Tervene to help it accomplish its strategic goals and mission of becoming the best possible partner there is in the wood transformation industry for its clients, its employees and its providers.

Produits Matra

Jean-François Ouellet Explains why Matra Chose Tervene

For us it is now clear that Tervene is an essential tool for businesses aspiring to become part of tomorrow’s industry 4.0.

  • Jean-François Ouellet, Continuous Improvement Manager


We met with Jean-François Ouellet, Manager of Continuous Improvement and Support to Operations. He explained to us why Produits Matra chose Tervene:

“Produits Matra is going through challenges very similar to most companies today. We are very serious in our intention to accomplish the mission of becoming the best possible partner.

To accomplish our goal, we firmly believe that we must adopt the best management practices and integrate new technologies. It was a very happy discovery for us when we met Tervene. The technology and the approach they are proposing perfectly supports our development approach based on the elimination of waste and a focus on value creation activities.

Their tools are based on a Daily Management System (DMS) and are key elements to control for our value creation process. Whether it is for the identification of issues, to target the right improvement opportunities, prioritize them, or manage improvement plans, everything is there! The prioritization of improvement opportunities is dynamic and directly associated with the improvement goals chosen by upper management.

We also appreciate the simple and quick implementation process supported by a team of highly professional and flexible consultants.”

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