How to overcome workforce challenges in manufacturing ?

The manufacturing industry has a wide range of specific workforce challenges. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find ways to deal with these issues, especially when your daily time and energy are limited.

What are the primary workforce challenges in manufacturing, and how can you overcome them to ensure organizational health? Here you’ll find useful tips and digital tools to help you overcome some of the most common workforce challenges in today’s reality.

1) Employee Recruitment and Attractiveness

Finding qualified employees is no small task, even more so in the manufacturing industry. It is difficult to stand out in a context of workforce shortages and ever-increasing competitiveness

To face competition and recruitment challenges, you have to improve your company’s reputation to attract potential candidates. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are an innovative company that will attract the younger generation of workers and new graduates. 

Digital transformation will make your employer brand stand out! Indeed, employees are increasingly aware of digital tools and the benefits they can bring to their professional lives. Daily time savings, better work-life balance, self-service and centralization of information… Manufacturing companies and their workforce have much to gain by adopting technological tools adapted to their reality. 

That is why Tervene offers a solution to help you initiate a successful digital transition while standardizing and optimizing your management processes! With the proper digitization practices and efficient employee management, you will build a strong employer brand to facilitate your recruitment.

2) Onboarding and Integration

The benefits of a good onboarding program are undeniable. Better team motivation and productivity, optimization of team dynamics and retention of new employees… Your company cannot miss the opportunities offered by a successful onboarding!

Tervene helps supervisors with management tools to support the integration of all manufacturing employees. In addition, Tervene makes it possible to structure the leader’s standard work so that new managers and supervisors can immediately take on their roles and carry out the management practices for which they are responsible: Gemba Walks, audits, meetings, etc.

Using an HRIS will also streamline your new employee’s onboarding. Folks HR offers complete and powerful onboarding features. From creating onboarding plan templates to assigning tasks with automated reminders, you will save valuable time by using HR software in your onboarding processes!

By making a good impression on your recruits from the first days, you will create a sense of belonging that is crucial for team motivation and retention. Digital solutions such as Tervene and Folks HR are essential tools to optimize your manufacturing company’s onboarding processes!

3) The Importance of Training and Career Management

If you wish to retain your employees, it is essential to think about their professional progression. No one likes to stagnate in their career!

As a daily operations management tool, Tervene allows your employees to easily access the procedures and work methods to feel comfortable in their position and quickly acquire new skills. They will be encouraged to adopt best management practices and progress professionally

In addition, Tervene offers a global view of employees’ management behaviors to guide and personalize the coaching provided to team leaders, managers and supervisors. Ensuring individual follow-up and ongoing training encourages improvement and new skills acquisition. 

4) High Turnover Rates: How to Improve Employee Retention 

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies is employee retention. As with other industries, high turnover can quickly become costly, time-consuming and damaging to an organization’s operations.

However, this challenge is not insurmountable: with the right technological tools, you can save time on the administrative management of human resources. You can then devote this time to employee retention! By working on the challenges we discussed earlier (recruitment, onboarding, training, and professional development of your teams), you will have already made great strides in your workforce retention strategy

Digital solutions such as Tervene are an excellent asset for involving employees in daily operations control and continuous improvement. Also, the several exchanges made through the digital solution between managers, team leaders, supervisors, and operators are good ways to improve their relationships. Ultimately, it allows employees to evolve in a pleasant work environment where they feel heard, valued, and where opportunities for advancement exist.

Your company’s greatest asset is your workforce. With the right technological tools, you will ensure efficient follow-up of your troops and make sure that they enjoy their professional path by your side.

Technology, an essential HR ally

Technological solutions are essential allies to overcome most of your workforce challenges. Tervene supports your digital transition by offering tools adapted to the reality of manufacturing companies, ensuring the smooth running of your business operations.