Continuous Improvement with Tervene’s App

How to Perform Continuous Improvement with Tervene

In a few words:

Identify improvement opportunities

✓ Log and document opportunities

✓ Schedule improvement meetings

✓ Prioritize improvement ideas

✓ Manage improvement projects

✓ Track action plan progress

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Identify Improvement Opportunities

In order to generate ideas for improvement, managers use recurring issues or nonconformities from audits, as well as Gemba Walks. In fact, with a systematic Gemba Walk practice, managers will be able to identify daily issues or deviations from the standards. Also, other practices such as audits will identify nonconformities. Thus, both practices will help generate improvement opportunities.

Since supervisors encounter improvement ideas while walking around the factory floor, where operations occur, the improvement system no longer relies on spontaneous ideas and suggestions boxes.

Tools used: Gemba Walk Module, Audit Module

Log and Document Opportunities

With Tervene’s app, organizations standardize the way front-line managers log and document improvement opportunities.

Users link pictures, log relevant information and impacts in order to improve the prioritization and management of the ideas.

Tool used: Improvement Manager

Schedule Improvement Meetings

Managers should establish a recurring improvement meeting in their agenda. All topics, documentation and projects relating to improvement can be linked.

Within Tervene’s meeting feature, teams can add discussion points to the next week’s improvement meeting. That way, it structures collaboration and ensures preparation from every team member and support group.

Tool used: Meeting Module

Prioritize Improvement Ideas

With Tervene, managers can search for opportunities according to their impacts, e.g. productivity, quality, lead time, customer satisfaction or any other impacts you added beforehand. Managers prioritize opportunities based on company strategic objectives.

Supervisors and team leaders get to see the complete history of identification and thus, where the ideas originate.

Manage Improvement Projects

Tervene consolidates your improvement opportunities and action plans. 

Managers can build detailed action plans to execute improvement. They ensure ownership with the task manager, as each step has an owner.

Track Action Plan Progress

Improvement managers can monitor the progress of all action plans.

With the dashboard reporting on the action plan, visibility on progress and individual contribution is increased and facilitates everyone’s follow-up.

Why Tervene?

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