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It’s a fact, printers usually aren’t the first to adopt new technologies, but it’s not Marquis‘ case. Indeed, the company recently invested in Tervene’s management platform to centralize its Daily Management System (DMS).

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Marquis’ priority: deploying a DMS

Upon his arrival as General Manager, Mr. Eric Bouchard committed himself to implement a Daily Management System (DMS) that promotes better communication and accelerated issue resolution.

The goal: A reduction in waste and increased productivity, in addition to delivering their customers a quality product on time.

Eric consistently uses an approach he learned from a mentor to all the organizational changes he wishes to achieve:

When the time came to select the technology, Eric and his team evaluated several solutions. After analysis, they concluded that Tervene best met their needs. According to Eric, the interaction between all the management tools they needed in a single solution allowed for better monitoring and greater ease of use.

Thus, on May 19, 2019, Marquis began using Tervene to consolidate it’s management practices and processes.

Digitized management practices

Before Marquis started using Tervene, management practices lived on traditional (paper and pencil) or decentralized tools (different files or solutions that did not communicate with each other). These same management practices now live in a digital and centralized management ecosystem.

Gemba Walks

Marquis wanted to use Tervene’s Gemba Walk solution to standardize and formalize the way they were conducted.

With Tervene, managers perform Gemba Walks according to standardized schedules and validation lists. They identify issues during the walk, then review, categorize and track the ones that are most critical in a daily meeting.

Indicators such as duration, number of gemba walks, number of issues identified, issues processing time, and many others enable targeted coaching based on managers’ strengths and weaknesses.

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The numbers

After 89 days:

Issue detected1347
Percentage of issues sent in meetings24%
Gemba Walks performed429
Average improvement in time to take action on an issue93%
Average improvement in time to solve an issue88%


“I no longer get surprised by unforeseen issues. With Tervene, I know in 3 minutes if my shop is in control and where I should focus.”

  • Eric Bouchard, General Manager


Since effective communication is essential for the day-to-day management of operations, Marquis also digitized several meetings in Tervene.

One of the most important meetings for daily operations is the DMS meeting. Taking place daily, it allows escalating critical production issues within the management structure for an accelerated resolution. Subjects like EHS, quality, production, delays, absenteeism and maintenance are discussed to achieve operational excellence.

Conducting meetings in Tervene has several benefits:


The EHS and Quality audits were digitized in Tervene. All reports can be consulted and share with a few clicks. Tracking corrective actions is facilitated by dynamic dashboards.

Facilitating everyday work

In the end, Tervene’s implementation at Marquis has simplified the work of all the people included in the project. By reducing the administrative workload associated with day-to-day operations, everyone’s energy is focused on creating value for the business and its customers.

From left to right: Julien Hébert (Tervene), Eric Bouchard (Marquis), Stéphane Bérubé (Marquis) and Jean-Éric Cousineau (Marquis)

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