Marquis’ Factories Remain Agile With a Daily Management System (DMS)

Facing the COVID-19 situation, organizations have to deploy, share, and control new processes. In our recent webinar, Eric Bouchard highlighted how he managed to use Tervene to deploy and control new procedures quickly.

Eric Bouchard is the General Manager of operations of Quebec factories in Louiseville and Montmagny.

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Here are the key points of the presentation:

Marquis Printing adapted its operations successfully during COVID-19.

Marquis Printing offers innovative and integrated technology solutions for graphic production and printing. The company’s factory in Louiseville has used Tervene since May 2019 to consolidate management practices and processes. At the Montmagny’s factory, Tervene has been implemented only a few weeks before the Covid-19 situation.

COVID-19 took us by surprise. Following the government announcement, the first decision was to close our three factories.

  • Eric Bouchard, General Manager at Marquis

Two days after the factories shut down, Marquis was authorized to reopen, as they are an essential business. The rapid changes and the direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic have highlighted Marquis’ ability to adapt.

Marquis’ initiatives

How Marquis has adapted:

Communication of new internal procedures and policies

Marquis uses our Knowledge Center to digitize and document procedures.

Hygiene and sanitation committee

Management teams conducted meetings within the Meeting manager.

Operational control by front-line managers with digital Gemba Walks

Continuity of operations with a small and teleworking team

Remote visibility and monitoring

We also have the app on our cellphones. Even at home, it was easy to monitor with the tool and follow-up or take action. It helps me to stay connected with my factories, even remotely.

  • Eric Bouchard, General Manager at Marquis

Management and escalation of issues

Validation of supervisors’ management behaviour


It helped us to be able to get back to the factory and make sure we were connected daily.

With a standardized schedule, supervisors detect all anomalies and deviations of the production versus our planning.

It was easy for us to keep track of all our production, every day.

  • Eric Bouchard, General Manager at Marquis


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